Animal Updates

vacation day 2

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2010

i had forgotten frodo was napping in my car yesterday til we were halfway down the hill and he popped up into the front seat again. i was just going to the vet to get lil big bud so i let him tag along. it almost turned into a disaster once i put bud into the back seat for the ride home...frodo got that evil dog killing look in his eyes but he stopped as soon as i said..."don't you even think about it!"...for once he let me be the boss and settled back down on the passenger seat to sulk...but he did not rip off bud's little face so that was good of him.

i took daphne to see jenn yesterday. she had a blast playing ball...snooping around the house, scaring the family foster cats (smarties and daisy-fae) (nicole, we really need to get these guys onto our foster page..jenn can send you photos...they are 2 of the original saints that stayed with the family because they hated the dogs)

smarty pants

Daisy Fae

i discovered something about little miss spoiled rotten daphne during her while she cannot get up the three steps to my bed and barks til i lift her up..yet she had absolutely no problem hiking her long little ass up 16 stairs to snoop around under jenns bed!

hey, quit blogging about me and throw the ball

anyway..both daph and jenn had fun so that was good.

i don't know if folks know it or not but...kodi is totally stone deaf. if he is sleeping when chaos is happening in his rooms, he misses it if he is sound asleep..this pisses him off cuz he does not want to miss ANYTHING.
so. his new trick is to sleep on the cold hard floor, right in front of my door. he purposefully blocks it completely so anyone trying to go in or out wakes him up with the door...kodi found a workable solution to his hearing disability!

you gotta get by ME if ya wanna go PEE
Kodi Bear

this totally sucks because before at least half the time, i could sneak past him in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom to he wakes up every single time and immediately starts with his herding dog shit, getting everyone whipped up into a midnight frenzy.

this puts a lot of extra pressure on my aging bladder which can't be good and is now afraid to get out of bed when i need to because that dog is a diabolical chaos feeding freak. it sucks to be held captive in rescue, esp. if you really have to pee!

jewel and nina and squeakers are the vet runs today...not looking forward to this trip at all...i think i am not going to like what i hear for any of them...2 probable euth's looming close and a really nasty dental surgery. i am only going and asking with the very slim hope that maybe i have missed something that can avoid the inevitable for a little while longer...hope floats til it sinks.

and i better move my ass now...i have a a bunch of errands and a ton of supplies to pick up before this afternoons vet run.



funny you have to worry about the cat attacking the dog....hope lil buds ok. bet he can hear better by now!


The pix are the best thing yet! I especially love the Daphne pictures... I have a "Peanut" just like her! He literally lights up my world!


I love all the pictures. Great idea!! Now I know who your talking about as I read.