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pig popsicle

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2010

so the vet appointments were not for today..they were for next tuesday..geez, where is my brain???

we gave maple (the parapalegic bunny) a good going over today. her mobility over the past few months has been deteriorating, she is virtually dragging her back end now. i noticed yesterday that her eye infection was back again and when we went to do her eye up, angelina noticed she had a pooh ball stuck to her butt again. one thing lead to another and we discovered she also had urine scald around her vulva area. her skin was red, friable and starting to break down. so poor little maple got the full meal deal treatment...a partial shave, a pooh ball de-matt, a bath and a soak, a nail trim while we were at it, and a cage with towels instead of shavings for her to move around on. she is on antibiotics and daily baths for now (i will need some help this weekend as it is a two person job) it was a long series of proceedures and i was afraid she would bunny-stroke out on us but she didn't. altho when we were done, she wouldn't eat so i picked her up some russel rabbit food (her very favorite) and she did eat as soon as i put the bowl in there so that was good.

dusty stepped on a nail today so she is on antibiotics and daily foot soaks too.

i spent the afternoon with jenn today who is not feeling great either. it is pissing her off that she feels like crap and can't get too far from the i brought her over a movie and we watched avatar.

so you are probably wondering what is the pig popsicle all about?

that would be our very special with a mind of her own petunia...a pig who has got self actualization down to a fine art.

she has spent the last freaking year basically holed up in the barn. she will step outside occasionally to her pig patio area but not very often (the doors are always open but she usually chooses not.) mostly she likes to wander stall to stall, cleaning up any feed the horses have dropped and then she likes to sleep inh ellie's bed til it is time for her to go back to her own stall.

so yesterday for no known reason (maybe it is just the spring air)..tunie decided she wanted out in the field and she spent the entire day out there. i saw her from a distance, it set me back for a minute...holy shit, tunie was out and it made me happy to see her.
she spent the day outside again today and now i know why. tunie has discovered the pleasurable experience of cow tongue ex-foliating. colleen said percy licked her over and over and over again yesterday. and today i saw emily happily licking her too. tunie appears to position herself conveniently for the cows to see and reach. and then she waits patiently for someone to come lick her which she really likes. i think i have been lax in my brushing her in the past few weeks and tunie has decided to find her own groomers who are more available and cooperative than me.

gee I wish someone would brush me

hey, pig popsicle. Come on over here
Cow family

what for?

for a cow lick
Emily tongue

saints is a very odd place..we have pigs who become popsicles for very enthusiastic pig licking cows.

oh and by the way...(go ahead and beat me til i am dead!)...saints welcomes "brody"..a 3 year old cat dropped off at an emergency clinic for euthanization due to a prolapsed rectum. the family had fixed it before but today was one of those was actually in labour giving birth in the hospital and the cat's prolapsed rectum was just more than the family could deal with today....can't say that i blame them...brody's timing does royally suck.

anyway...can't let a young healthy cat die because his rectum keeps falling out....we will try a different surgical proceedure to try to keep it in.



. . on the topic of contests, I found one that says, you and your dog could win a backyard oasis. . . the $2,000 grand prize includes the ultimate dog house, dog toys, milk-bone treats and $500 to spend at the home improvement retailer of your choice. Random draw on September 8, 2010. . . if interested, it might be worth a google


That is the cutest story I've read about the Saints animals! I am so glad the little pig wandered into the field and found happiness with the cows loving and licking her up!


Soooo nice to see Tunie toddling about in the field yesterday and today.

Both days Ellie and Tunie had a few minutes of conversation when meeting in the field. Ellie probably said something like "'re gonna have soooo much fun out here!" Tunie said "get out of the way, one of those bovines are coming over to lick me."

Funny as heck to watch Tunie just stand there being licked all over by Percy.

Mauro Salles

The third pic is VERY funny. It seems that Petunia is wide-eyed, very scared and ready to run away.


lol...i swear to god..jenn has a picture for every occasion...she is like the hallmark of saints photo ops!!

i on purpose changed the spelling of brody's name...i didn't want to be trying to remember where that useless H belonged among the other letters! i like simple and easy why complicate the spelling when the name sounds the same?
sweet baby...i miss handraising orphans! and no she cannot come here!

i doubt very much that the vast majority of humans will choose a animal charity over a human one...but i will give it a shot cuz it can't hurt to try. thx for the link and helping hope to float!

Mauro Salles

I found it.


you almost got the name right.
his name is bodhi.
<img src="" alt="bodhi" width="255" />

also we have a 3 week old kitten in at work. cute as a button, needs a home but isn't doing too hot right now. this is him screaming at me.
<img src="" width="255" alt="kitten" />


ok..i tried the link, you have to copy then paste it into your browser. I hope you do this Carol you are an 'agent of change' for so many.


ok...I'm not commenting on the but I didn't know how to post the following link. ... enter.html can write for a chance at $10,000 for saints. Take a look at the contest.