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monster ducks

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2010

every time we get commercial meat birds in here, it not only breaks my heart but it totally pisses me off. what is with the human race that we have to breed these birds to grow as big as they can, as fast as they can by stuffing them full of hormones, antibiotics, steriods and shit? it is not healthy for the folks who eat them and it certainly is not healthy for the birds if they happen to luck out and get saved.

peace is down. she can't use her legs. it doesn't help that quiet, her partner, the monster mega-steriod duck has been having his way with her. he has brought on the inevitable sooner by overstressing her delicate femoral joints in his search for duck sexual play. he is too heavy for her to hold on her back on top of the extra weight and size she already carries.

rescued commercial birds die from femoral joints or undersized hearts that give out because they cannot support the birds unnaturally large and heavy bodies.

you would think in a world that was based on fairness that if a commercial bird is lucky enough not to end up hanging from an assembly line hook with his or her neck cut and bleeding out...that maybe, just maybe life would treat them gently and let them live happily for awhile. well life ain't least not if human greed is involved anywhere.

so what did these ducks get for escaping their fate?...not even a god damn freaking year before those monster bodies start paying the price for humans insatiable greed. hatch em, grow em in less than 40 days, butcher them quick and grab the cash for what their big, steriod enhanced dead bodies, less than 2 months old, will finally bring?

it is utterly disgusting and the only fairness i can see in it is...humans are going to pay the eventual price for eating those poor mutated, antibiotic/steriod impregnated, sweet baby things.

cheap meat...grown as inhumanely as possible and stuffed full of steriods to get more bang for our buck.

serves us right for what's coming...we will pay the ultimate price.

if you want to do something about "food inc." from your local video store and learn where your food comes from and how it is produced. then tell those growers, we ain't eating their billions of poor tortured unnatural birds.

we are a shamefully heartless and greedy and cheapskate race....peace will die soon... all because we want to make or save an extra buck or two.

Peace & Quiet

one week old (August 9, 2009)

Peace and Quiet August 9, 2010

three weeks old (August 24, 2009)
Peace and Quiet August 24, 2009
8 months old (April 18, 2010)
Peace and Quiet April 18, 2010



KO is for sure Momma Duck, on the odd week-end when KO can't make it, I take over & feed & clean these guys... however when I approach the pen they are super happy & Quaking and run to greet me.. then it's like OH... it's just you... and the quaking turns into chants of WE WANT K.O. WE WANT K.O.


This is so incredibly sad. I was just admiring Peace and Quiet at the picnic on Sat. and took some photos that turned out pretty good; they are nibbling on grass.
It's appalling about the steroids and even more sickening that it all goes back to human greed! Maybe they'll only have a year (sadly), but at least it was a quality year at Saints.


If people would stop eating these poor animals there wouldn't be any money in all this cruelty.


I'm very sad to hear about Peace but I know she is in good hands with you Carol. Love those ducks and chickens. With love from Momma Duck.

Mauro Salles

The documentary shows things for which the label of perversion is insufficient: a life of suffering, torture and confinement of animals that are exploited for human consumption. In the United States! Try to imagine what happens in the Third World. The official website is excellent ==>


i totally agree with you, it's nauseating...people can be so cruel. it's not just the poultry either, any meat animal is a victim to over-fattening...the cows these days that are fed corn instead of grass (which they can't even DIGEST for christ's sake) wouldn't live 6 months past their slaughter date simply because their poor organs would fail. all for a more marbled meat texture. sickening.