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here is the link to the mini video that the Vancouver Foundation did on SAINTS

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2010

Hi Carol and Sheena:

Here is the min-video we did on SAINTS using many of Sheena’s lovely photos, and Carol’s great interview.

It has been uploaded to YouTube.

We encourage you to link the video to your websites, and also to send the link to all your friends, supporters and donors.

We hope that with all our efforts it can go viral … at least a bit.

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Thanks to both of you.



Gooood gawd. There needs to be a warning before these videos. *If you wear your heart on your shoulder, have a wad of kleenex ready*, or something.

( NIcole, I have 4 videos on youtube of Dexter, Ellie (when she was just a wee babe ) and the horses. Let me know if you'd like the links )


Beautiful video - brought me to tears. Thanks Carol for the way you have with words. Nobody says it better!


Rosie was a true sweetheart. The first time I went into the living room, she toddled up, warm and friendly; open and eager. She shone in that room, as some of the dogs were reserved, sleeping or barking. Whatever she had been through in her life, she was willing to move on and make new friends, no hangups or reserve. I'm so glad you featured her on the video.


Great interview Carol! Thank you for sharing your gift as "intercessor extraordinaire" on behalf of all SAINTS' critters...past...present... and future. And to all involved in Saints rescue a BIG THANK YOU. Keep up the great work guys!


Hey mom, speaking of Sheena's pics ... when ya gonna post some of the ones she just dropped off huh? huh?

Mauro Salles

Hi, Jenn! If you need some help (or Nicole) please let me know. There are three or four Youtube accounts containing the videos mentioned, but I'm currently without access. I can list the links and post them tonight (São Paulo time). In here 13:50 now.


i did finally get to listen to all of it. well done carol. was so worth watching. lovely pics too. brought back all those times with our rosey.

Mauro Salles

Another point and a suggestion: there are some videos on Youtube about SAINTS, showing Oka (swimming), Tucker, Ellie, Percy, Dexter, Cole and Daphne. You could group them to access via a new link on the website.


I had sound the whole way through. Amazing, I hope it's passed far and wide.


it was lovely, except halfway through it the sound disappeared. was cool anyway.


loved it, loved it, loved it to tears ... oh sweet Rosebud.

And I think this is the video we should use at the Gala this year in place of the CBC video ...