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in and out and inbetween

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2010

brody (the new cat with the prolapsed rectum) has been in the vets for the past couple of days because he hasn't pooped since he got here on sunday. today he went under a general and had his bowel cleaned out..he will come home tomorrow at the end of the day. hopefully he starts pooping on his own now.

sadie our now 17 yr old cat (one of the forgotten feline seizures) went into permanent foster care yesterday and apparently is making the adjustment to a real home, just fine.

Oh goody, I am *THIS happy (*measured by the length of my tongue)

squeakers and hymie will be 16 this year and have a great home in a week or so too...hopefully squeakers mouth will be cleared up by then.

As long as we're togther we are happy
Hymi and squeakers

these three cats finding homes makes me very happy because all of them came to saints from very over crowded places...i think these will be their very first homes in a very (if ever) long time and while not near as bad as where they came from...we are overful here too!

and speaking of overful...saints welcomes 2 more newbies today...peanut is a very pissed off and very thin 15 year old cat surrendered to a shelter because the family sold their house and hadn't found a new place to live yet...with all of their stuff in storage and no home to hang their hats..peanut ended up in a shelter as a very poor adoptive prospect.

and saints also welcomes 8 yr old unneutered miniature poodle who bites and has a mouthful of rotten teeth. he was surrendered to a shelter for chronic house peeing (neutering might have helped with that)...three strikes against him..rotten teeth, poor housetraining habits and biting for not very good reasons...i do think he is kind of sweet.

phoebe is a hag again today...she grabbed lola by her nose and wouldn't let go. i shoved her in her crate for an hour...but her evil mood continues cuz she just nailed caspar who was sitting by the door. needless to say the hag is again in her crate..i hope she is enjoying herself cuz she might be in there for awhile longer.

like most bully's..phoebe thinks she is perfectly fine as she is and everyone else has a the freaking problem.

stupid dog.

Oh really. I beg to differ, I am not the the hag. Mo is the hag 'cus she wouldn't give me the stick ...

I present exhibit A, B, C, and D ... see told ya!She should be crated not ME ...
Mo and Pheobe 2Mo and Pheobe3

Mo and Pheobe 4Pheobe and Mo 4

we discovered lice on lahanie yesterday during his shave...he did not have it last year when we shaved him so czar must have brought them in. so this weekend all of the horses get treated...thank god for mo cuz she konws what she is doing. and before anyone panics..equine lice according to the vets are species specific....altho since gilbert had them when he came in...i think we will treat the goats and the cows too just in case.

Lehanie was starting to look like a Carl look-a-like
barn guys
and he was none to thrilled with being shaved either ....
Lehanie shows teeth

quiet is quiet without peace around...i think he looks sad and lonely.



Mia, the no meaning or value statement I agree 100% with, does Bec honestly think we are not aware that daily grooming is important to the horses, does Bec think we sit around all day looking at a scruffy horse & saying "oh well" does Bec consider for a moment that if it wasn't for SAINTS Lahanie certaintly wouldn't have to be worrying about lice ... heck , he wouldn't have to worry about anything . Lahanie has changed so much since he 1st came, he is still a bit grumpy, but no where near as dis-trustful & nasty as he used to be. We CAN actually groom him now... which was extremly difficult when he 1st came in & he still is touchy about certain areas.. but we are getting there, that tells me we are doing something right, so we are not able to give them each a daily groom, quick call someone it must be neglect or worse yet, outright abuse !!! Mia I know you can't answer for your neighbour Bec.... at least you recognize that a post with no meaning or value is simply wasted space...

BTW- Lahannie happens to be one of those horses that grows a very thick scruffy coat, so in the winter/Spring after a rain & roll he does look like a neglected old guy... rest assured he is as spoilt as they come.

This is an open invitation to Rebbecca , Mia's neighbour ( & Mia of course ) to come out & visit SAINTS, bring some clothes that can get mucky & pack a lunch , let me know when & I'll supply the beer.


p.s. if you want to check this posts IP I am at work.... Carol you know how I feel there is no need to post here as it has no meaning or value.


odd...the same ip addresses for both of you then...rebecca..pom<em>mia</em>

oh and when i checked thi last ip address you posted under...low and behold another comment on the horses from

so i called nicole who called our tech guy and he said we are right..each computer has it's own unique ip address and if folks have access to more than one computer the ip address changes to each individual computers ip address...mia there are several different comments posted by various different nmaes that end up linked back to you....they come up together in our comment records.

people are welcome to post here as themselves...but not welcome to post here pretending to be someone else...that is dishonest and unethical.


Yes any extra hands for grooming will be greatly appreciated, i mean they are alive & well fed & vetted, the farrier is out on a regular schedule, they get many greeting pets hello in the morning & a treat with their evening meal & soft hands & words as their days go by.. but super regular grooming would top the cake & we could all celebrate so come on out & bring a your lunch !!!


the farm guys are actually well looked after..except we could use some more experienced volunteers to help with the grooming. right now cathy comes every couple of weeks, colleen tries to groom each of them a couple of times a week..but she does have alot of work to get done out there so it is just quickies, the volunteers have been trying to get them groomed on the weekends but there is too much to do and not enough volunteers most of the time.... and lahanie is not easy to groom anyway because he gets pretty pissy, esp. around his belly and legs...that is why he has to be sedated and shaved.

the lice thing is something we have not had to deal with before, live and learn the hard way..the ferrier told us it is because this past winter was so warm..our past cold winters have been a blessing i guess...but someone had to bring it in and i am betting on czar since it wasn't here before.

anyway mia, if you have some time to help with the grooming, that would be great too.

(i did run the posting backwards to a previous post of yours ( i am slowly becoming more computer savy) is ok to post under your real name as long as you are truly trying to be helpful.)


Daily brushing and care and Lahanie probably wouldn't have gotten lice, his coat shouldn't be so thick and matted looking. Well looked after horses and animals shouldn't be catching lice. I love what you do with your dogs and cats but do wonder at times about the farm animsl.


he,ha,ha. I love the captions! You could publish a separate book with just the photos of the Saints and Jen's captions. Great job!


Great news about Sadie, Squeakers and Hymie.
Too bad Phoebe's behavior didn't improve, but great pictures of her.


i got the photos today colleen - i'll try posting them tomorrow (i'm on overnights right now).


Lahanie looks wonderful! A very lovely cut! Thanks Stephanie!!

And also thanks for your insight and suggestions. Very much appreciated, valued and will be put to use.

Now that you have the email problem sorted out I would love to see some photos of Meradeth. :)) With her Prince Albert of course!