Animal Updates

back to work today....i will be home for lunch so i will see the weekend warriors then....

Carol  ·  May 1, 2010

but....please don't let bailey run the fence line obsessing about goats..let him out, watch him while he pees and poops and then put him back in my room.

dukey spent most of last night whining pathetically in my ear. he and caspar made friends (caspar's favorite way) by a prolonged and mutual humping fest. caspar finally did settle down but duke who is unneutered, stimulated certain small parts of his body equipped with a fairly long memory. i don't think he was very comfortable last night at all.

could people who are going to get rid of them anyway...please neuter their dogs...don't torment poor tired and broke rescuers who can't get them in til later next week which is my very first day off or sweet little innocent but horny dogs who have absolutely no real outlet for any kind of real release...geeze it is just plain mean!!!!

if they ain't gonna get to use it then please let them lose it and considering how many homeless dogs there are including a certain little poodle randy named duke...if they are going to get to use it, whoever owns them is a total loser freak because the last thing this world needs is more homeless dogs! dogs do need forever homes, their testicles they don't need at all anymore..they just create more misery.

i love larry. he is so gentle, so quiet (except when he sings) so unobtrusive....and so very, very, very freaking cute!

last night when i was posting i reached down to pet sissy who was sitting between my feet and it wasn't was larry! it was the first time he actually quietly came seeking me!...awwww, hi larry, sweetie.

ok for furture reference: I am Sissy. And He is Larry ... its the skin thing right? I knew it. Sigh. That was MY thing ....

ok gotta get going for work....