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on the homefront

Carol  ·  May 1, 2010 of our animals got a home, one lost her home, one was abused in his home and one was badly frightened in her was one of those days.

dukey was the lucky one who went off on a trial today. for those of you who remember chicklet (a former saint)..she sadly passed away this week so her mom came looking for a new old friend and dukey was the one that was chosen.

Here one day, gone the next ...

saint agatha was the one who lost her home...saints just was not a safe and stable enough home for a little delicate spider. a few weeks ago she moved from the kitchen window over to the laundry doorway..(i think someone was messing with her world by the window because she had lived there for a very long time..but that is neither here nor there...agatha decided to move.) her new abode was not the best decision she ever made because not only is that door way very low (barely 6 feet tall) is also in a very busy traffic flow area and that is what really messed up her home today.

the volunteers (i will not mention any names) wanted a thick blanket from the laundry room area and in their haste to get said blanket..they knocked poor agatha right out of her unstable home. i am not sure if the very red faces and almost hysterical panic was because they had just turned innocent agatha's world updside down or if it was because she was hanging onto the blanket for her very dear life and they were afraid that she would suddenly turn and attack them in spite.

anyway..there were no more webs by the window or in the doorway she i sadly said, put her outside and let the poor thing go.

spin free agatha...find a secret safe and quiet place to build your next web.

i hope she will be ok out least tonight the weather is not too bad.

Agatha ... fell under the "special needs" SAINTS' mandate ...
and "unnamed" volunteer (wink, wink)

the animal who was abused was our very own frodo...he is so totally and completely pissed off that he bit me right on the chin and then tried to bite me on my arm. frodo is a very nice cat as long as no one makes him mad and everyone happened to make him angry today. this was because he was forgotten by all of us and not let out of the trailer..i let him out when i got home from work, but it was too late, the king was enraged.

anyway..after he bit me i told him he was an ungrateful bastard because i was the one who finally remembered and actually let him time i will pretend i don't see him screaming at me from the window!

I am just using classic "operant conditioning" (defined as: the use of consequences to modify the occurrence and form of behavior). Since you two-leggers are too dumb to serve me properly.

and the dog who was badly frightened was none other than our very own perdy. apparently she is absolutely and completely terrified of smoke alarms and i accidently set one off when i was making myself some toast for dinner. i fed her a dog cookie which she spit right back out at me so then i gave her one of my peak freans which she did happen to eat. she is still saying she is afraid and needs a couple of more to make things right again..i think however that perdy is just greedy.

Am not!!!!

Excuse me, and you forgot to mention that one saint was very handsome with his new hair cut and stylish sweater!



If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive. Long live Agatha!!!


peluchi looks like quite the stunning little man. and that spider still gives me the creeps.


I thought it seemed too quiet when I went up the driveway today... that's why- Frodo wasn't there. Usually, he follows me around when I walk Doris. I've always thought him to be such a sweetie- until he did a hatchet job on my son's arms. Then, Laura told me- he can be Jekyl and Hyde. Lovely.

Angela H.

Jenn, if you post a pic of the spider I may have nightmares. You will have to put a warning up.


I agree, I'm not a fan of spiders. I'm glad I have Sam The Spider Slayer living with me. Although I think he just wants to play with them and winds up killing them (he finished one off the other day). Unlike one of my previous cats, Polly the Spider Slayer, she would rip limbs off of them.


and to think here i was going to comment that i was sorry about that friggin huge yellow spider! but now....hmphh! maybe dear sweet agatha is a very rare lethal type of spider (like a yellow widow?) and was just biding her time...jeez carol, i couldve saved your life today! and lynne you sent me in there for a blanket for jewel (who happens to deserve a nice big thick spider-free blanket)because you were scared shitless of passing agatha. post a pic jenn, and most people would agree she was worth the freak out. am i banned from the house now? im all for rescue, but giant mutant arachnids? o hell no.


Poor Frodo. I bet tomorrow everyone will be checking on him to make sure he is out. And I'm familiar with his chin bites, he can be one nasty son of a bitch, but he is still a great guy overall.


bad bad erin now agatha is out on her own in the cold and probably quite frightened. and carol do not say the volunteers it was one volunteer i would never have done that to agatha. sorry to rat you out erin. lol. good for dukey. it will be a great home for him. and again happy birthday carol.