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the kitchen gnome

Carol  ·  May 6, 2010


michael was our kitchen troll, when he passed away, nina took over and became our kitchen gnome.

nina pssed away peacefully today...2010 was her 18th year of living. she only spent that last couple as a gnome in our home, before that she had a home of her own. she came to saints when her lady too became too old and went into facility care.

nina picked the kitchen as the best place to live, while mostly blind and deaf, her nose still worked really good. and she knew whenever the fridge opened or whenever i had food and she made sure we all knew that she wanted some...nina really liked her food.

the kitchen is just not going to feel the same without her....she defined that space since 2008.

nina is hoping that the rainbow bridge story is wrong...she would prefer a rainbow diner that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day.

rest in peace sweetheart, dream forever of never ending, great tasting treats.



On the behalf of the previous owner of Nina, who could not care for her as she can not care for herself, sadly regrets not to be with her, wishes Nina good bye and will never forget Nina. And yes...tasty food was Nina's passion.


so sorry about nina, she sure did like her food. maybe she will get a big neverending supply of dog food in a huge dog bowl that never emptys. rest in peace sweeheart


Sweet Sweet dog, with the quickest jaws I've experienced at SAINTS to date... rest peacefully , run fast and visit often.. cuz.. you'll be missed.


Goodbye our sweet,noisey Nina. The kitchen was very quiet tonight when I was handing out bones. I recall when Kathy K would come to clean on weekends and be wearing earplugs because of our dear Nina. You will be in peace.


Hope your eyesight and hearing is restored and you can play with all your old friends... and hope those treats are never ending, Nina.

Mauro Salles

It's inevitable and the little girl was already suffering. But it's always hard ...
:( :( :(

Brenda McCormick

18 years is amazing for a cocker! I remember when Nina arrived . She used to chase a tennis ball around the kitchen, and "play" a little bit. But boy when she heard a can of dogfood being opened all her focus was on getting some of that - and the barking never stopped! I'm glad she ended her days at SAINTS.
To all weekend volunteers - I am unable to come in this Sunday - a prior commitment. Sorry! See you next weekend.


Rest in peace, Nina. We only met a couple of times, but that's all it took to know how special you were. May goodies forever fall from the sky...