Rescue Journal

well what do you know...

Carol  ·  May 7, 2010

bibi is finally relaxing and sleeping, comfy on the yoga bed in the kitchen with little larry curled in at his shoulder. that is nice to see...too bad i can't lay down there and join them cuz i am kind of tired today too but sadly, there is a mountain of laundry still to do.
plus the medication re-order scripts are ready for pick up from the vets so i have to run into town and back to pharmacy ( already been there once today.)

little big bud does have cushings disease so he starts on his meds today. and we have added an anti inflamatory and a pain med to bibi's mix. the vet said ok to the low dose of valium but now i am thinking we won't need to if he is done freaking out.

and i should figure out who needs vet visits next week and get those appointments booked. i know yoshi needs his eye re-checked, i am thinking esther might also benefit from a cushings test but i think everyone else is ok for now anyway.

so i guess i can go clean my bathroom, put some of my personal clean laundry away and then do some other saints stuff for the rest of the day.

hopefully bibi has a very long afternoon nap...poor old guy, he really exhausted himself with his emotional angst....hopefully now that he has taken a deep breath and relaxed, things will get easier for him now!



Awwww.....poor you Carol have to deal with all this mess. I'm so sorry, if there is anything else I can help you with other then being onsite where Bi-Bi can see me I can try to assist you when I come back to town after May 16. I hope Bi-Bi will be done with his water mess!


way to go Bibi , keep it up. Carol I left you a voicemail message... can you pick it up sometime tonight.

Sounds like a busy day


I wish I were closer than Tennessee... I would come and just sit in his "area" reading a book and simply be there if he wanted something more. He has REALLY tugged at my heartstrings from afar and I wish I were close enough to meet him and be able to offer him a retirement home.