open house - coming up quick

Nicole  ·  May 15, 2010

Since Carol can't post tonight I figure now is a good time to post about the upcoming Open House (just over one month away!!!)
We have some organizing to do.
The Open House is Saturday and Sunday June 19 & 20 from 11am - 3pm.

We need volunteers for: (the # in brackets is the number of people we need for each area for each day)

Tours (8) - Carol, Nicole, Jenn, Laura, Lana?
Tables/food (4) - Meghann
Big Dog room (1) -
Small Dog/Cat room (1) -
Barn (2) - Mo
MP room (1)-
Clean and set up (many) -
Clean and take down (many) -
Help clean Wed, Thurs, Fri before (many) - Carol!, Jenn, Nicole

Please post a comment with which thing you are signing up for and which day(s). or you can email me (

Last year we had caters donate the food and beverages. This year we don't have that luxury. So if you 'feel' like bringing any of the following please comment or email me at

Veggies & Dip
Cheese & Crackers
Cookies, Squares, etc
Pop, Juice
Last year I believe we had somewhere around 3 or 4 hundred people over both days. That's a lot of food. So don't worry if someone else signs up for what you were going to bring. We are keeping it to these food options as it was hot last year and we don't need anyone getting sick from eating potato salad at our open house!!

And lastly we need some help advertising it. I have created a poster for the event. I will print some coloured copies and leave them on the desk in the MP room at SAINTS tomorrow when I am out. Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to canvas around Mission, Maple Ridge and Abbotsford to see if any stores will post them?

We will also be having a work party soon. Stay tuned for the date.

As an aside, I'll be out at SAINTS tomorrow so if Laura, Lana and I think KO need any of their dogs' nails trimmed, I'll be out there around 1230 (for real this time) and will bring my nail clippers.


Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

I could take posters to all three places, Mission, Abbotsford, and Maple Ridge. Please give the posters to Lana, lots of them and I will put them up all over the place for you. Sorry I can't do more but I am sure hopeful that it will help! Eva. PS. I see Lana on Tuesdays. I will ask her to pick them up for me. Thanks Eva


I can be there both with set up and take down..and be in the barns with mo and colleen..i can take some posters around maple ridge too..


Yes, I'm up for both days of tours, set up, take down and food(cheese & crackers) figured I better be since I made sure you planned this years Open House around my holidays...I hated missing last years. Also if Hilevive(sorry about sp) reads this can you forward your email to Carol so I can contact you about possibly taking you out for lunch when I'm in Vegas this June. I know last year you said you would love to meet some people from Saints.


whoops- forgot to mention- I can bring chips and dip and some pop and juice.


I can help in the mp/medical room. I would make sure the dogs were walked beforehand, so that they won't be hyper
during the open house. Also, making sure there are clean linen and towels on the floors and laundry. Matthew can help, if he's around- unless he has bigger fish to fry.


I can cover the kitchen/little dog room on Saturday when Brenda can't make it. For Sunday, I can do the MP room or help out where ever you need. I'll be there for set up and take down both days as well.

Do you need plastic cups, paper plates, napkins, etc?


I will come on Sunday, June 20th early and clean the house. Then when the Open House starts I can stay in the little dog room/kitchen area to keep things clean and tidy in that area - and check the cats in the back area as well if no one in there. I cannot come on Sat. tho. I will bring something on the food list - not sure what yet!

Francesca Wilson

Nicole, I did email but just in case. Don and I will clean the upper and lower fields - will come early Saturday. I will bring dips and veggies.


Count me in for some baked goods and chips, Nic! And I'll be there the same hours as you, except for Friday! :)

Louise Z.

I can clean up Reggie's room (filing, paperwork, bookcase)and the Medical Room (put away meds, etc) a few days or a week before the Open House.

Also, has anyone ever asked the local Safeway and Save-On if they would like to donate cookies, two-bite brownies or cupcakes for our event?


Sorry that should say since I do not cook I will bring the Pop, juice & water. :)


I can do tours again this year, both days. Since I do cook, I Can bring some flats of pop, juice & water.
Hana would like to help so if you think of a good place for her to be that would be great!



I'll bring some cookies both days and help setup, take down, and do tours on both days.


hi nicole i can do the big dog room and carols bedroom both days but we still need someone for the kitchen, and back cat rooms. you forgot to post those 2 rooms. i will bring some cases of water and veggies and dip. i can also do some pooping and scooping during the day so no one steps in it. i am not comfortable with tours but i can tell people where to go. lol. i will be out early on those 2 days, like 800 to get started. i will put the laundry in bags and bring it home so we do not have to waste time running the machines. if i can think of anything else i will let you know. i was thinking that maybe between me and laura we could get some posters set up in mission. i bet our julie would also help out with the advertising. neat poster. waill probably see you today anyway.