Animal Updates

there are some things in life that you just never imagine yourself doing...

Carol  ·  May 16, 2010

like ...

handwashing goat panties.

for that matter, i never considered that i would be showering a goat every morning either.

but can't plan and anticipate every moment of your future life.

chewie is doing well...eating drinking, peeing pooping, feeling comfortable enough to graze and then nap in the memorial garden for a few minutes each day. i have no idea how this whole horrible wound thing is going to progress as far as healing goes, but for now, it is ok.

Maybe I will become the newest bed buddie??????

yesterday bibi got out of the farm gate and took off like a bat out of hell. he went straight up the mountain which meant we had to go up the mountain after him. laura had her car. steve's son guarded the road half way down..i had to hike up the whole freaking road...and it just about killled me. it just about killed bibi too. if we had lost him, no one would ever have gotten their hands on him again...i can't even think of what that would have meant. anyway..he was pretty exhausted by the time that he reached the top so laura was finally able to grab him...thank you god (and laura!)

Actually, I was just making sure YOU wanted ME ...

last night and this morning i was pretty upset about him and i was thinking..."come on carol, enough is enough..he is not happy, he is not bonding...quit torturing him." i was thinking euthanization, i didn't want to think it but i was.

anyway..i took them all out for their run this morning and i took bibi as well. i noticed on the way down that he was kind of hanging around the bend in the pond and looking up at me as i came down. i came up beside him and kept walking along and he moved in to my side and stayed with me for quite a while. i patted him a few times, i told him he was a good dog. he actually hung out pretty close to the barn with mo for most of the day too. bibi finally attaching? is he thinking about wanting to be with us a little bit more than he was?

so i will wait and see and watch bibi a bit longer but he better not ever get out again and scare me to death. please attach bibi...for your own safety's sake..i need you to emotionally need me.

there is a new dog here....her name is hope. she is a blind, one eyed, deaf chihuahua with scoliosis of the spine. she came in from another rescue that was moving dogs from somewhere that there were too many. apparently this tiny old girl was getting run over by all of the other dogs there. i have her set up in an xpen for now..she feels safe. we had her outside this afternoon and she quite enjoyed nosing around in the grass. when i put her back in the pen, she went straight to sleep. it is probably more exercise than she is used to but she managed it ok.

the last keyboard died because tyra while food surfing dumped an entire cup of milk over it. i bought a new one from stables today..we will see how long this one lasts.

DOGS don't kill keyboards. COWS kill keyboards ... the milk. get it? Can I have a cookie this plastic lid is doing nothing for me

i am pretty tired this afternoon..i hauled in 1000 pounds of feed and litter, i picked up about 10 cases of various canned foods...showered the goat twice and re-dressed his wounds (and washed his underwear)...and worried about all the new guys for enough today so now i am kind of pooped.

and she's down for the count ...
SAINTS rescue

i am glad to have a new keyboard...there is always so much to tell when i can't and i can never remember it all when i can again.

old minds semi-suck.

a huge thank you again to all of the great volunteer help this weekend...without you we all would have been screwed.



shelter challege starts on monday ... please vote daily (purple button on the right hand side) type in S.A.I.N.T.S.

and join the SAINTS facebook page too please (blue button on the right hand side)!!!


off the topic, does anyone know if the boxer lost in langley was ever found. i sure hope so.


that reminds me...we need to all meet before the open house to go over a few things like....

the animals in the mp building will not be loose during the open house or during the preparations..too much margin for human error...dusty and lucky will be out in the yard and in the entrance way..the cats will all be confined in the medical room pens and doris and yoshi will be in the office for the day...reggie will be out at the barn...i prefer no walks in the mornings of the open house... everyone will be confined where i want them before we start working and rushing around and i do not want to have to be putting animals back where i want them or searching them out when i am trying to get all of their meds is just too crazy busy and rushed, the last thing i need is a dog on the loose from an open door or someone dropping something or stepping on them with so many human bodies around...not safe,...yoshi and doris will get yard time on and off during the day and can have their walk later in the day after it all settles down and everyone has gone home.

i will make a list up of where i want all of the animals..they are to stay where i put them until we move them back into their proper areas.

a reminder to all....this is an open house... it is to talk about saints, the animals, our work here, educate and to give tours..there will be a lot of open doors and gates going on and alot of people going thru.... this puts the animals at animal is to go for walks off site or to be out of their assigned area for any reason, this is a huge safety issue and i want to know that all of the animals are safe at all times without trying to figure out where they are now.

also no visitors or friends or family of volunteers are to be out in the barn areas or any areas for that matter without a tour guide..there is no unsupervised wandering around by the public...that is just asking for trouble.

we do not do fosters or adoptions on open house days nor do we have time to interview or give information regarding either...just tell folks to call or email about it on a different day when we are not so busy.

rememeber at all times that there are 125 animals on site here..some do not get along...some will actually harm or kill others if they get into the wrong place, some will get lost or loose if they can, some are very frail or sick and can be greatly harmed if frightened or stepped on or accidently lost. some are blind and/or deaf and are NOT comfortable with a lot of action, noise or strangers around them and some of them bite humans or weigh a thousand pounds and can kill humans if they happen to run over them.

i expect everyone working here that day to keep a very watchful and careful eye and to anticipate potential problems before they happen. it is our job to keep everyone safe, the animals and the humans.


If I had a yard (don't), I'd love to foster Bibi. I looked into his face in the field today and he has such beautiful brown eyes. They could melt your heart. He reminds me of a little lion, pacing. I sure hope it all works out with him, and he will know he is wanted and at home now and not misplaced.
That little goat sure looks at home in the bunny room.


The shelter challenge voting begins again starting tomorrow, Monday May 17th.
Don't forget to vote daily.


Glad Bibi is safe and sound once again. That's a hard one. Welcome to Hope she sounds like a wonderful addition. Her needs are simple and she is quiet?

Mauro Salles

Please, some reminders:
- Nikko's story.
- How is Jewel?
- Do you have more details about Chance's "different" meal? Why have you called him Chance? What happened to The Mongolian Maniac Monster and etc?


omg ,Thank god and thank you for all of you there to help BiBi .. I hope he will soon adjust to his new home .