the petfinder shelter challenge starts today.

Carol  ·  May 17, 2010

remember..the rules are one person one vote please. win or lose, we like it to do whichever, honestly....and lord only knows we desperately need the financial support right now but we still need to make sure we do this right. anyway..please vote for us every day if you are not already voting for someone else. winning does help pay some of our outstanding vet chewie's....and jewels, and nikko's and everyone elses...sick, old, injured or dying animals cost a helluvalot of money.

see the purple thing like this to the right of this blog post .... yeah that one. Click on it each day and vote

at bedtime last night, it was one of those incredibly soft nights. the animals were all so settled and good. it was so easy to hold a warm body or kiss a gentle, sleepy face. everyone took their turn and found their spot to cuddle into. the exception in this tho was lola..she had a real hard time finding the perfect spot on the bed with the perfect blankie to dig under in the most perfect way. i finally got up and settled her myself with another large fleece so she would quit looking so pathetic and unsuccessful in her attempts to achieve perfection in her bedtime routine.

THE most demanding dog this morning is 2 and a half pounds of tea cup yorkie who woke up and complained non stop til i went back and removed her from the bed. when tinkerbelle wakes up, she wants to get moving and is not happy with being made to wait.

but i'm really cute and sweet ....

sadly this morning i was totally frustrated trying to answer an email survey from Pedigree which sponsors us in helping care for these guys each year. i was trying to cut and paste and answer questions thaat are hard because they really do not pertain to us..they are more for shelters that can actually find homes for their dogs, not one who gives them a home til they die. i lost a couple of completed responses, sent one that went thru blank...people just do not realize that other than hitting reply on an email or blogging on the blog...i really am a computer dullard and am incapable of easily doing what others can do without thought.

sucks to be a dinosaur in anything, but especially in the now high tech world of internet rescue. i am just good at looking after the animals, not all the other stuff.

i missed the vet appointments on saturday cuz i was chasing bibi up a mountain so i have to decide who gets todays 2 appointments by priority and re-book the others.

we are again experiencing duck problems...floyd has injured edwina's leg again during sex. mo says it is because ducks usually mate in ponds and lakes and not on land. our little swimming pools are not that much fun for the ducks i guess. we are trying to keep edwina separate but she keeps getting loose from her xpen and ending up with floyd again. last night i finally shut her into the hen house and left him outside. today i need to find a better solution to keep edwina confined until her leg heals again. it is not broken, just strained.

why are caring for ducks such an issue?..oh wait i is because floyd has absolutely no care or concern for edwina except for getting his way and edwina does not know how to stay put where she is safe from a certain determined duck who is not very gentle with her!

damn ducks.

hello ... ever heard of SAFE sex?
Floyd and EdwinaEdwina

jewel is sort of in that cross roads...feeling well enough to do the things she wants but paying the price for doing them after. i am still struggling with her. she has so much determination of her own to keep living every single moment doing the things she likes but geez it is hard for her sometimes. jewel needs a full body transplant to house her spirit, her mind and her heart. i am just waiting for her to say she wants to quit....but she is not a quitter and that makes it doubly hard.

There are things I need to do ... like go to the barn & swim in the pond. It's not my fault I got a defective body!!! Can't you get Dr. Loft to do a body transplant for me???

i have not forgotten and i will write nikko's story later today...but for now i have diabetics to poke and a goat to shower and i still need my breakfast.



Can someone make the link on th efront page work... it wouldn't work for me either


purple link on right hand side ... or this link (save it to your favorites)

Mauro Salles

Hey!!! There is a $2,000 grant "Most Heartwarming Story Prize", monthly during the challenge.


Can you clip wings on a duck? If that was possible then they could not fly over any of the fences. Just my thinking out loud. I guess there is probably a good reason why this has not already been done.


I think we should have named Floyd... Randy . Although when Edwina slipped out yesterday, she new exactly what she wanted & where to get it... Perhaps she needs a new name too.

Jewel was waiting so patiently for you to come back yesterday, she hung out in the loafing area laying the shade, she is so very determined to keep on trucking . Whenever her times comes, I will know that SAINTS gave her and ending that every dog deserves.

BTW - Carol I have no cell today so if you want/need to reach me ... I have left my work number on your voicemail.