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i am actually going to go to the doctor today...

Carol  ·  May 20, 2010

this is not the long awaited ephiphany of me taking better care of myself. it is just the advil is not working and my ankle is getting more painful and starting to interfer in the basic activities of my daily walking.

i have shit to do and i would like to do it with as little pain as possible....hence the dreaded time consuming "walk in clinic" (there goes 2 hours out of my day.)

hope's remaining eye is bulging...i am thinking she needs it removed. now starts the inevitable ethical quality of life vs surgical proceedure risks/benefits discussion inside my much quality of life does she have and will the surgery/recovery be worth whatever improvement she feels...i hate these kinds of struggles to do what is good and right or best. i hate them because there are only two options...remove the painful eye or euthanize. for hope straddling a very fine decent life line....i don't want to do either.

chance is an mongolian monster should be kept behind bars. this morning he is pissy at both cats and dogs for no reason other than he is feeling like he is the boss of the little hairy, crippled scary, bad, bad dog!

who me?

well i better poke the diabetics and go and sit doing nothing for a couple of hours while sitting useless as all get out in the walk in clinic...if i get there right at 9am...maybe i won't have to wait so long.

hope floats til it sinks or til i am bored out of my tree..



thanks for the suggestion Mauro, we are always interested in new fundraising ideas.

Mauro Salles

Modern Dog has a donation program.


don't feel guilty brenda..i am sure it will still hurt next weekend too!
i wonder if the magazine is out in the store racks yet??? does anyone know so i don't have to go walking around to check??


Carol, I hope your ankle feels better soon; now I feel extra guilty about not being there this weekend to help out. Sorry!
I just received my Modern Dog magazine in the mail and there are some awesome fullpage pictures of Kodi, Chance, Larry, Al, Peluchi, and Daphne - and even a nice one of Carol! A short historical narrative is attached to each photo - lovely to see! (The subscription was a gift from a friend who thought I just might enjoy the magazine) - When SAINTS is in it, I certainly do! I must say, Kodi takes a beautiful photo - looks relly innocent of any wrongdoing. All the photos are amazing tho.

Jenn hine

you could go to the doctors with me tomorrow. Dr. Yokoyama has walk-in hours 3-6pm friday.