Animal Updates

kodi came home from the vet with new medication orders...

Carol  ·  May 22, 2010

the vet said it won't be long now but we still had some leeway with medication adjustments to keep him feeling better for a little while more. he has gone home with one of the volunteers for the weekend..kodi has the personality type to really enjoy this and still be happy to come back home again when his weekend sleepover is over.

I can't believe it, that nice woman is actually taking him. Look at him go ... Ok now what should we do? I dunno ... hmmm I'm bored.
who is therepeluchie chica and joey

peanut was moved over to the medical room the other day...she is much happier and out more over there.

Could you be more specific. The cat Peanut? Or your kid "peanut"?

bibi came RUNNING to me today...i saw him huddled around the goat shed trying to find shelter in the sudden pouring rain..."bibi..come here sweetie, lets go in where it is dry..." haha! that dog knows who is gonna save him...when he wants to be saved at least.

good boy bibi, always come when i call...even when it is NOT raining please.

edwina is sitting on eggs which is good because it means she is too busy to let floyd mess around. mo got wendy to shake the egg so it won't hatch but so edwina will keep nesting and resting her leg for a bit more.

what if it does hatch?...does anyone know anything about egg shaken duck babies? there's a scary ducks with scrambled brains...i hope early shaking makes the egg sterile.

monty is finally feeling a bit better and ate half a can of food today.

chewie's wounds are looking really good..i am not totally sure but i think i see some new tissue starting to grow. i picked up some new meds for him today so instead of twice daily intramuscular antibiotic injections which he says really hurt....he is now on once every three day subcutaneous injections which he says doesn't hurt him much at all. he is now able to walk fair distances with a leash and collar so thank god everyone can have a break from carrying him around for me. on the whole i am pretty damn happy with how chewie is progressing.

it is the end of the day and my ankle is pretty much toasted but other then the bedtime settling and meds everything else is pretty much done, colleen had the barn done before i could get out.

i am thinking cuz the swelling is getting worse that i might have to get off it completely til we figure out how we are going to fix it again.....this will suck cuz crutches and carol and the animals at saints are really not a good three-some. next doctors appointment on tuesday, maybe a viable plan by then so i can quit whining?

many thx to everyone who took care of the crippled crew today, including letting their crippled house-mom take it easy.

Haha, more like crippled Bed-mom

hey kodi...the house is very quiet and peaceful right now!!!!! (and yes i sort of miss you...see ya on tuesday little lumpy brat.)

Hurry, quick change the locks. No? Silly blog-lady, you'll regret this ...


marie bellemare

Some great news yes ! wish Carol a miracle for her leg/ankle so that it heals as good as some of the animals healing (thinking of courageous chewie) - I enjoyed the pictures and comments - particularly the one about the dogs feeling bored without kodi... and yay for bibi, he's doing good, which is not surprising considering he's with the SAINTS people


I just love the photos and comments too!!! It's wonderful to be able to put a face to a name:)

Colleen Donnelly

Egg shaken baby ducks??? K, let's tomorrow get that lady up and off that nest and isolate her. We could set up a few X pens together and make her comfy and safe from that randy Floyd. For now. ( and damn those ducks are relentless and violent in their love-making. )


it's the summer issue. saw it this morning at work.
has great pictures in it and a fantastic one of carol sitting with tyra and maude out at the front gate.


got an issue of modern dog tonight and maybe i am blind but saw not one of our dogs in there. it is modern dog spring issue. or maybe not. hope kodi khas fun with anne. love the captions with the pics. hi silly blog lady see you tomorrow.

Colleen Donnelly

Edwina you tricky girl. I checked her for eggs Thursday and nada. ( or I missed it ) How many are there?

Can I put it out there that the shop needs a vacuum? If anyone has an extra one that does some serious pick up I will love you forever!! The one we have now sucks. NOT.