Animal Updates


Carol  ·  May 23, 2010

she was having trouble breathing today and wouldn't eat her breakfast. i took her down to the vet clinic this afternoon and he thinks she is in heart failure.

they have given her some IM lasix and torb and have stuck her in an oxygen cage and i am to pick her up and bring her home about 4:30. there is no one at the clinic tonight so i will watch her and if she hits a crises, i will whip her over to langley to the emergency clinic if need be.

poor sissy...she stood in that o2 cage and wagged her tail questioning at me...."you are taking me home again aren't you..... please????"

yes... babe... in an hour or so. be good, don't stress out and breathe deep and slow.

colleen (our newest weekend warrier) brought her hubby today and he fixed up the newest entranceway bibi wall holes. he has lined the walls with fiberglass sheets AND put fibreglass trim around the door and the looks so much cleaner and less crappy and brighter in good luck dog's with chewing more holes! thank you looks great!!!!....i am going to (eventually) paint the rest of the walls the same color as the laundry will look so good with the white!

laura is coming back up to sit with sissy while i put the barn guys to bed. she probably would be ok on her own for an hour but i think it is safer to have someone with her because she will have just gotten home from the vet.

ok..i am going to put my foot up for a bit before i have to go pick up our very precious girl.

Yes and make sure I am warm as toast and snug as a bug



Aw Sissy I hope you're home soon.Be brave and breathe deep Carol will be there for you soon.

Carol if a dog is in heart failure do they have a hard time keeping themselves warm? I have a little girl here that has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure among a multitude of other things and she is always so cold. It could because she's just skin and bones too. First time I've ever bought dog clothes!!!!!