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he's back.......

Carol  ·  May 24, 2010

anne brought kodi home tonight...i watched him walk sedately and politely on the leash up the driveway. as soon as we were inside the gate he yanked the leash out of my hand and flew at the fence to fence fight with andy. once we went thru the door into the big dog room, kodi was back in full gear chasing everyone around.

oh yay, kodi's home..i gave him an ice cream sandwhich to celebrate stuffed full of his bedtime pills.

Honey, I'm home .... Oh gawd. Nobody move a muscle!
kodibed buddies

gilbert is a dolt. i was watching bailey standing at the fence quietly, watching the goats mill around. he wasn't barking hysterically or running the fence line, he was just looking at them.

i thought for half a second "oh good, look, bailey is de-sensitizing to them." and then that stupid bastard gilbert started rubbing his ass on the fence right in front of bailey's face. bailey reacted badly and started trying to chew that goats ass thru the fence wire....and gilbert could have cared less..he was oblivious and just kept rubbing his itchy butt in the face of the beast.

The dolt and the beast ....

the vet called with the autopsy results on brody...he was full of cancer, probably a lymphoma. he said there was a portion of his intestinal tract that was narrowed from the tumours and that was why he kept prolapsing, he was straining trying to push his stool thru too narrow of an opening with the straining pushing his rectum out.

oh young, so healthy, so sweet and kind and happy...i never even thought of cancer as a problem for you.

two deadly blows, out of left field, no more for awhile please.

and welcome home kodi you maniac beast. tonight we are watching that rollar derby movie..i bet it really appeals to kodi.



My first time "blogging" to you but want to thank all of you for taking such good care of CHANCE. I've been following his progress since he came to you in March ... his photos make me both smile and cry ... usually at the same time!! I'm the daughter of his owners who both passed away and had the very emotional task of finding him a home along with his cat buddy, Molly and 3 cockatiels. Extremely grateful to Tannis who ultimately rescued both Chance and Molly!! If it wasn't for Tannis, I had no option but to put Chance down.
So that brings me to why I picked "now" to send a message ... Monday, May 31 will be Chance's 9th birthday so I think it's good opportunity to celebrate "his day" with his new buddies. Coincidentally it was my dad's birthday as well so I'll be thinking of both of them.


anne told us today that kodi was just an angel at her house. such a totally different dog. no one to herd, no one to boss around. such a shame kodi lol i am so sorry about brody. i did not know him very well such a young age to be gone. rest in peace.