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death becomes us

Carol  ·  May 25, 2010

we are all on the very same road to the end of our lives...some of us are just further along than we know.

3 of the 5 recent deaths this week were expected.

the list of the animals hanging by a thin life thread is still fairly long.

there is: maple, sidney, lilith, jenny, lola, mama T, louise, murray, mandy, max, kodi, maude,...these are the ones we are expecting to end their lives soon because we can see the end of the road just around the next bend.

and then there are the molly's, the prudence's, the gideon's, the chewie's, the tula's the cali's, the caspar's, the angel's, the griffin's, the rock's, the brianne's, the miranda's, the al's, the dusty's, the yoshi's, the doris's, the o'grady's, the stuart's, the stripe's, the webster's, the james bond's, the little big bud's, the edith's...who just by their health issues or ages alone are not realistically long for this world or their health status/balance (as in the diabetics or chewie,) could change in the blink of an eye.

death is a part of life, we just like to pretend sometimes he is not hovering too close by.

people do you do it over and over again?...well like i have any choice here...we all live each day by the grace of we better make sure we are happy today.

millions and millions and millions of beings have travelled this road before us...and one day it will be our turn behooves us to try to accept that all life eventually ends and maybe that is why each day alive is so utterly precious.

memorial garden
memorial garden



"And you hope you are making a difference, helping in some small way." Helga, you help in a BIG way. I love to see you with all those cats during the week, the way you speak so affectionately about all their different personality traits. There is a warm glow in that room when you are sitting on the couch with those special kitties. You can see that they love it when you're there.


Being aware of the inevitable end makes you treasure the moments spent with all our guys. And you hope that you are making a difference, helping in some small way.