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Carol  ·  May 25, 2010

sweet pea passed very peacefully at the vets this morning. she is a shy little senior girl so i picked a carrier for her that we could open from the top. that way the vet could easily reach in and give the pre-med sedation without frightening sweet pea by taking her out and having to restrain. she fell asleep in the carrier and then i took her out for the final injection to help her pass away.

rest in peace sweet pea...may your next life be filled from start to finish with love.

sweet pea
sweet pea

jewel passed away as gently and quietly at the vets late this morning. i had a thick quilt for her lay on in the waiting room. she was interested in watching all the coming and going and was not afraid. we scooted her and her blanket into the exam room so she did not have to get up which i think she really appreciated. i sat with her on the floor, rubbing her and scratching which she really likes alot while the pre-sedation took hold and she fell asleep. it was the first time i have seen her fully relaxed and comfortable in quite a while so it made it easier for me when the final injection set her forever free.

jewel was such a force to be reckoned with here..her personality was just that big. i know she was happy here, i know she loved me and i know she was finally ready to let go and rest in peace.




Jewel, I will truly miss you. Although we met only a short time ago, I feel that we have known each other for a long time and we have finally found each other, just like Rose.I love you and I will miss you very much. However, I am glad you are now in pure spirit and you are pain free, so you can enjoy all the activities you like. Thank you for the honour of letting me work with you and thank you for being such a good teacher. You are my inspiration and you teach me to live and enjoy each moment of our lives fully with no regrets even when we are in pain. Thank you, my dear teacher. We shall meet someday. In the meantime, have fun at Rainbow Bridge.


o dear jewel, such a dear sweet strong special girl you were, you will be so truly missed, rest in peace , now hopefully you can run with the wind, pain free, thank you for the time i've known you.


Oh Jewels...sweet girl! Its sad you are gone but I am thankful you aren't in pain. Oh Jewels:)


Jewel...who would have thought that when she first came to Saints screaming in pain we would have the honor of knowing her for 2 yrs. I remember her right at the beginning even with her neck pain she would join us on the walks and one time she found this big rock(just about as big as her head) and she was determined to carry it all the way..she was an amazing dog with an unbelievable spirit for life. Thanks to Carol's pain management skills Jewel got to be the Queen she knew she was and loved life and her time at Saints....she will be missed.


Jewel taught me quite a few things & for that I will always be gratefull, Carols blog the other day that called her a "toothless gummy dog" had me laughing out loud & a few weeks back when she was in the pond ( near the deeper end) and had her front legs on the bank, with her back end floating back & forth in the water..just like a kid in a pool learning to swim..she was a great dog & we'll all miss her sooo much.

Sweet Pea I didn't know that well & I know Jewel will keep her company on this last journey

Marie Bellemare

jewel is one of the dogs I specially noticed when I started to read the blog, together with cole, cooper and beautiful OKA, I feel that she was very special, very much herself... sweetpea and jewel obviously were ready and felt confident and secured and fully loved... it's never easy to say goodbye, that's the final act of love to say "ok sweetheart, you go now, rest in peace" my heart goes to the ones who loved sweetpea and jewel.


ditto to amys comment. i did not really know sweetpea, but am very sorry. i am going to miss jewel a lot, her feistiness, her giving the other dogs crap when they so much as dared to walk past her, her love of the pond. be happy now sweetie.


I have noticed in the past that Saints seems to go thru a high loss of loved ones in a short period of time every so often...sadly this seems to be one of those is so heart goes out to all of you and the beloved animals..hopefully this will be the end for a your minds, hearts and souls can mend..


Holy shit. That's all I can say right now and I hope you accept it in the context it is given. Holy shit, what a week. My heart aches for you.


Sorry to hear about Sweet pea and Jewel. She really was a jewel, a little diamond in the rough. Clearly, she adored you.


Jewel will be riding under the rainbow bridge on the water ... I will miss her very much but I am glad she is completely pain free now.

Francesca Wilson

Jewel was one of those memorable souls who came to SAINTS and I'm so glad she was there. I always felt she regarded herself as a regular german shepherd. A dear character.

Colleen Bridges

Rest in peace little dudes. It's been a rough couple of days...I hope you find some comfort, Carol. Thank you for giving them such a beautiful ending.