Open House update

Nicole  ·  May 27, 2010

The Open House is Saturday and Sunday June 19 & 20 from 11am – 3pm.

Volunteer area breakdown (still room for more):
Tours – Carol, Nicole, Jenn, Laura, Lana, Dawn
Tables/food/bigshop – Meghann, MJ, Kim, Priscilla
Big Dog room - Lynne
Small Dog/Cat room - Colleen (Sat), Brenda (Sun)
Barn – Mo, Colleen D., Wendy, Hana, Francesca & Don (field cleaning)
Clean and set up - Jenn, Nicole, Meg, Wendy, KathyK
Clean and take down -Jenn, Nicole, Meg, Wendy
Help clean Wed, Thurs, Fri before – Carol!, Jenn, Nicole, KathyK, Louise Z., Francesca and Marie
Laundry disappearing act - Lynne
Special dogs needing extra attention - Phoebe (Tammy), Jesse (Barn with Mo), Bibi (Ben's house)

Did i miss anyone? post a comment and I'll add you or you can email me (

Food list so far - again if i missed anyone please comment or email me at

Veggies & Dip - Lynne
Fruit - KathyK
Cheese & Crackers - Laura, Nicole
Chips - Meghann, Nicole
Cookies, Squares, etc - Meghann, KathyK, Nicole, Helga
Pop, Juice, Water - Kathy K, Dawn, Kim

Last year I believe we had somewhere around 3 or 4 hundred people over both days. That’s a lot of food. So don’t worry if someone else signs up for what you were going to bring. We are keeping it to these food options as it was hot last year and we don’t need anyone getting sick from eating potato salad at our open house!!

Julie has volunteered to drop off posters around Mission and in a few places in Abby and MRidge. If anyone else would like to help, there are posters in the MP room and I'll be dropping more off this saturday.

Here is a link to the poster if anyone needs it.
Also here is the facebook event posting. Please invite your friends!



oh I would like to also encourage open house volunteer park at the school (further down the street) so that the closer park is available to the visitors :)

Brenda McCormick

I will come very early on Sunday morning (Open House) to clean the house first; then stay in the appointed rooms in the house. I will bring some food item too. Oh, and THIS weekend, I will be there on Sunday. Rest that knee Lynne!


I will be there for morning cleaning for the barn and chickens and ducks on both days. And can help where needed. I will bring something for the food table.


Hi yes you missed me, I can be there both days and help in the house doing whatever you need. I will also bring food, please add me to veggies & dip and fruit, unless you need any thing else. I live in Abbotsford so I can post flyers here. Carol, how is Kodi, I have missed him, I have a snot-dog nose mark on my mirror where he tried to attack himself, as my daily reminder of him!! This is my first time posting so if I screw up apologies in advance to all.


The upper fields will be claen as no one is up there right now... but boy oh boy is it ever starting to look good...the barn guys are now hanging over the bottonm gate's true the grass is always greener on the other side.

But that's OK, we'll leave the lower fields alone so there is still lots to do...kidding , kidding.

I will bring some food too.. just not sure what.

Francesca Wilson

You missed Don and I on Saturday to clean upper and lower fields. Also I will bring food.