Animal Updates


Carol  ·  May 27, 2010

stuart is waking up a bit..i just propped him up on his side so he can eat and drink. i will check him again and once he is up on his feet, he can go back in with stevie.

the little old cat that was coming from the spca crashed last night. looked like full multi-system shut down. sadly she had to be put down at the vets (rest in peace little cat with the very big voice, i am sorry it was too late for you to become a saint.). there is another little old lady that they are sending instead (but i forget her name already.) shelley is going to pick her up for us on saturday morning.

i am trying a new approach with esther..instead of giving in to her relentless demands for more cookies..i am trying to hug her whenever she starts bugging me..i figure it will either bug her enough to shut up or maybe her wanting cookies all the time is just really a symptom of emotional nuturing needed.

sigh...she is getting a lot of hugs.

Excuse me ... but can I eat a hug? The only things I wants LOTS of are things I can eat. For example, cookies. I thought I made that clear to you

tammy came and checked on stu for me and then did the house accident cleanup, she stayed to help me put the barn guys to bed so that made for a really easy and quick job.

bibi is starting to like me...i not only get him coming to me when i get home to say hello with everyone i got 2 very small kisses...he is such a sweet and hesitent guy. can't wait to see how far our relationship goes...could one day he actually love me and feel truly happy inside...waiting to be seeing how far bibi can go!

I can go pretty far ... like up a mountain .. haha

we are going to trial medical grade muzuka honey on chewie's wounds...i ordered some in and it came today so we will see how it works. please be advised tht pouring sugar or store bought honey on open wounds is not a great idea...medical grade honey is specially prepared and not pasturized but it is sterile and free from bacterial pathogens which is why it is ok to use on wounds.

First panty bandages. Now muz-puke-a Honey? You people are crazy ... chewie

and i think that is all of the news.

oh and hey saints warriors...way to go with all of the offers to help with this weekend with the telus volunteers and the weekend of the open house in june!!!!!!!!!! you guys are all awesome!!!!!!!!!

As a reward, none of you will have to take Pheobe home. Oopps, I mean. As a reward for Tammy helping Carol tonight here is a cute Pheobe picture for all of the world to enjoy. May I present: THE RED WHIRLING WONDER



thanks colleen...he's doing well...I think he just wanted to heard them, I'm sure, not eat them!!

Colleen Donnelly

Awww, Trevor. I remember him quite vividly from a few years back. He was an earlier version of Bailey. Quite wanting to get at the goats. Not *nearly* as manic as Bailey though. And one less leg. A very handsome dude.

Sending positive vibes Trev's way!


Thanks for the great Phoebe picture. Feel free to post more, the camera loves her.
Emma, say hi to Nudge. She's such a sweet cat.


oops...I'm sooo sorry!!! I think that was me that woke you up at 630 am calling your cell....I had a bad night with Trev...he woke up screaming and wouldn't get off the bed...he wouldn't let me touch him either...I picked him up...with lots of screaming and put him on the floor and he took two steps and flopped down...he wouldn't move. I was trying to call the central aniamal clinic to get the emerg number for Langley...I dialed you by accident...your underneath them in my phone book...I waited it out with trev...he improved by the time I got him to Eastridge...not his stomach like I originally thought but he was in back spasms...cause of his ongoing diarhea I had to skip his metacam dose...I got new meds for him that seem to be better on his stomach and good for his pain.

Hope to see you at the open house...and sorry again...I REALLY don't function on little sleep!!


Aaahh yes Precious Phoebe. Looking forward to seeing her and Tammy glued to each other at the Open House.

PS I have some flannel sheets for you Carol. Good for soaking up pee I believe.

PPS Hi from Nudge to all at SAINTS