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normally the bed buddies and i are on the same page...

Carol  ·  May 29, 2010

find the most comfortable spot and sleep undisturbed for as long as you can. last night however we had a major conflict of interest and all of us were upset. but we were upset for different reasons.

i took the higher road, i was the one with right on my side...they were all on the low road...the bed buddies were all selfish, mean spirited, unforgiving assholes.

everything was just fine, we all had our comfortable space. we were watching "goonies" and drifting off to sleep at our own special pace..

suddenly, out of no where....kodi flew up the bed stairs in high speed. for some reason he took it into his head that he also wanted to be a bed buddy. he wasn't chasing anyone, he just wanted a soft and comfy place to settle down for his sleep.

the bed buggers acted instanteously, all of one mind and purpose...repel that crippled and dying herding cattle dog....immediately.

kodi was so taken back by their collective and vicious charge that he fell right off the side of the bed..onto the floor, onto his tumour, wedged between the karunda bed and the very hard wall.

those bed bastards were quick but i was just as fast..i was out of bed, yelling at them, flinging pillows at their fleeing heads, telling them they were utterly mean selfish little bed-pricks and if they EVER did that again, they would all be dead!!!!!.

i cleared kodi a very large bed spot...big enough for several dogs..i coaxed kodi back up there with treats and sent a mental email to everyone else that if they even dared to think about making him fall off the bed again...there would be a bunch of putrid, shivering, soaking wet little dogs sleeping outside in the rain.

You heard'er (haha no pun intended) ... make way, make way
Kodi and bed buddies

they left kodi alone after it or not, i said kodi could be a bed buddy cuz i own the god damn freaking bed.
in this world...right, always wins and i will be damned if i ever let someone's past history of problems or issues (or out of control herding instincts), exclude them from seeking to find a kinder, softer, better, more inclusive place in the dark of their night.

suck it up night, i decide who sleeps on the bed.

Bed buddies in full force