just a reminder about the sponsoring of a table for the saints fall fundraiser...

Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2010

sponsoring the cost of a table (venue, catering, printing, center peices, linens, dishes,..$200 per table) by a group or a business means the cost of the event goes down for us and more of the money that is brought in by the event can go directly to our vet accounts. folks who are too far away to attend can get a group of friends or their employers together to sponsor one of the tables dedicated to an animal of their choice...this helps all of the animals at saints. toss the idea around at work and with your friends and family...who knows?..if 20 people all chip in 10 bucks or 10 people chip in 20 bucks, or 40 people chip in 5 bucks, or even 200 people chip in 1 buck each...... another table for saints gets sponsored!
hey..some of the blog readers could ban together and create a blog sponsor table. it is all about using our imaginations and pooling our pennies together to meet a goal for the animals at saints!

i can spare 10 bucks for a blog sponsored table...anyone able to join me???

we all love these guys, but love ain't enough to keep them happy and well. if we do not get some serious money down on our vet accounts, everyone here is going to be in big trouble.
leila is going to re-post the poster for me so folks can print them off and spread them around.

Wow within less than 24 hours we have had a great response and now in whole or part 19 out of 19 tables are sponsored!! INCREDIBLE. You are the best blog readers ever! There are some tables which need some more contributions so if you or your friends still want in just say so in the comments. Due to popular demand we have taken away a limit on the table amount .... so you can contribute to your heart's content. The Table "anima(s)" are not set in stone so get creative, negotiate with your fellow co-sponsors to get an animal you want in the table or to combine some table ... have fun! (Jenn).

1. The Rock will host a table all ."THE BLOG TABLE" each of the following are chipping in $10-Carol, Hillevi, Amy D., Juls, Spot Family: Lynne, Scott Sophie, Max, Spot, Louise Z.; Amy ?, Louise ?, Brenda, and Charlotte. Barbra T (a self professed blog-addict) is throwing in $40.00. Total: $200

the Rock

2. The other FeLV cats (Mama T, Brianne, Louise and Miranda, and Murray) will host their own table.Each of the following are donating ... Louise, Amy D. and Hillevi $10.00 each and Kim $20.00. Helga is putting in $100 for her favorite saints kittes. Leslie wants to contribute to any table that needs more funds so with that easy going attitude she is should sponsor these easy going sweeties for $20. Total $170
Mama TBrianne
Miranda and LouiseMurray

3. Our 19 year old puppy "Little Miss Molly" will be there. Thanks to Mauro Salles who is in for $200.

4. Allister our 15 year old fence jumping farm dog will have his very own table. Thanks to our great saints foster family--Dawn and Hanna with $200

5. Giddeon gentle white knightand oldest saint at 35 is brought to the Gala event goers by Lory who is contributing the $200 because Giddeon wanted it so.

6. There will be a Memorial Tablewith Suzanne donating $65 on behalf of her 13 darlings who have crossed the rainbow bridge, Barbra T. sending $45 in memory of her 3 seniors pets who have also passed away. Karen would like to contribute $30 in memory of saints Buddy and Sissy. Because she misses the little buggar--Lynne with $50 in memory of former sains Copper. Total $190

7. The Goatsare gonna get a table: Chewie, Gilbert, Pete, and Edith thanks to the former saint Merridith and her family (Cheryl and Stef) who will put in $100 .


8. Mo (and her Family?) are making sure the Piggies have a table (Ellie, Herman and Tuni) with $180 Cheryl is putting in $20 towards this table. Total:$200

ellie maeHerman


9. Annette Durante from JRFM (our MC from last year and our MC for this year again) is going to sponsor a table $200 ... for whom though?

10. Sheila and Leila are in for a table $200 ... for?

11. The "meanest" cat at saints ... our trailer park king Frodowill be at the gala in spirit with the help of Xine (for her Emmakat) --$100, her co-worker Donna $20; and Jenn H. $20. Total: $140

12. Sierra Distributions and Kathy Kelm will buy a table $200... for ?saint(s)

13. Lana the owner of Shake-a-Paw would like to buy a table for the diabetics: Angel, Casper, Dusty, Griffin ... and with her $100 Laura brings Lucky and ... their friend Reggie for the for the BLIND SAINTS +1 Reggie Table. Total $300


14. The crazy Kodi bear will be there in part thanks to his greatest fans--Anne and Tony who will put in $100 and Colleen Bridges is in with $100 and to bring the bed buddies to this table for "Kodi and the Bed Buddies Table"... Total: $200
Bed buddies in full forceKodi

Kodi and bed buddies

15. Former saints Shrek and Fionna (from LA) would like to sponsor their LA sista Jenny, their mom Nicole will write the cheque for $200 and Colleen Bridges(Larry's new fosta mama) would like to give $100 to have the other LA lady Lola and obviously unhairy Larry and former sainstf from LA Bridgette, abe, Fluke (and Shrek and Fi) all equal the
LA SAINTS CREW TABLE (past and present). Total $300

16. The Bunnies will need a table tooso Louise z. will contribute $20 towads a bunny table $20
Bunny Room

17. The Medical Room(aka shy guy room) today includes: the cats--Bobby Brown, Cali, Lilith, Sidney, Charlie, and Ruby ... as well as the dogs: Doris and Yoshi). Pam and Tannis are each throwing in $10. Louise Z is in for $40 towards that table. Kim is in it for Doris and Yoshi with $20 and Tammy is team cat with $140. Total $220
Bobby BrownCail


Yoshi and Doris

18. Dixie Chickour feral Carol-hating furball is gonna be there for all the wild souls out there as per Cathie K. with $200

19. Angela calls dib on a table to be decided later by her, she can do that because she is sending in $200


(post your offers/suggestions in the comments and I--Jenn--will summarize here for others to look and shop around with)

KO wants to give saints $50 if the Ducks and the Chickens can have a table ... how about Rock join his friends the FeLV cats (so far one blog contributor is ok with this) OR look the Bunny Table could use some more money ... maybe they could unite and create an "anti-easter day" table.

**ATTENTION TAMMY RE: The Pheobe has no table conspiracy

oh now TAMMY is quite desperate to get a certain Red Whirling Wonder at a table ..

here are 4 options I present:

1. change the table to a table for KODI and PHEOBE … perhaps a MISFITS or MISUNDERSTOOD table or

2. as I personally have seen pheobe on the bed once (and have a picture to prove it … in fact. Here look I put one on a recent blog post (Kodi and her were arguing about it) … can pheobe be with Kodi and the bed buddies? Kodi's Bed Buddies and a Pheobe Table

3. Pheobe could join Frodo's table in some way ... hmmm he is the meanest cat and she is the meanest dog ... YES it is the MEAN but we love 'em table... although lana thinks that they could be joined together by an affinity for the same food. I eat Frodo's food table

4. Pheobe could join Al's table .. It could be the We don't like eachother but we like Tammy table or the Tammy plays ball with us table.

**HINT** if you really, really want a table for someone special Sheila (our event chair) still has not choosen her animal host ... but knowing her as a pro saints fundraiser ... she can easily be swayed by your cheque books. Perhaps your dollars could make her see the cents ... i mean sense of having your favorite for her table.

Mauro is looking for company for her "Little Miss Molly" table ... what about an OLDest ancient SAINTS table: Molly (the oldest dog at 19) .. Gideon could come over here (if Lory ... I mean if he wanted to) ... we could add Stripe (oldest cat at 23) ... some suggestions

Carol thinks we should have a pain in the ass table which would include: kodi, perdy, jesse, phoebe, reggie, esther, JOEY, the pissing fruit loop bastards, CONAN the dryer hose wrecking BARBARIAN cat, sidney (the pinky and the brain little innocent looking monster bunny) and squirt who pees on all the other dogs! Colleen B thinks JOEY should not be on this list ... he should be on a table for the CUTE DOGS ... and maybe Tammy could get phebs at that table ... if it existed. oooo snap. ... and Jerry is a given for any meany or pain in the ass table

Cathie K--founder of the Dixie Chick Table ... is willing to let any saint join who embodie's Dixie's wild spirit ...

FYI Pheobe says: I should get my own table because you put me in this stoopid cheetah coat ... no but seriously I should be in on a BEEN AT SAINTS 5 years + table .. hello permanent sanctuary dog here ... who is tableless. Shame on you!



Jenn . . . no kidding; but each and every one of them make our SAINTS experience what it is and they should all be honored.


not ex rcmp...ex police force. and they can be at the oldies table too cuz those too are freaking also old,

Jenn Hine


**Hillevi ... that is why they are pains ... because they are kicking Rock out of his glory.

Colleen Donnelly

Well...Lahanie and Czar were a bit miffed this morning. They wanna' be at a table!! I'll put $50 in for those boys. Maybe they could be at the goats table since Pete seems to think he's a horse sometimes.

And since Lahanie is an ex R.C.M.P. member I am going to contact the R.C.M.P. Foundation ( formerly the Mounted Police Foundation ) and see if they would like to contribute some funds!

Mauro Salles

** YEAH !! ENTRY 100 !! **

JENN ==> Please, post a new topic. And check out Maggie's comment #12 on "OM freaking G!!!!!".

JENN/ANGELA ==> Just in case, table 3 is now The Golden Oldies table. Right ???


Oh dear, well if it makes more sense to move Frodo please do. If so, could half my support go to the memorial table for my mean cat, then half to wherever frodo ends up?

Jenn Hine

I agree that the 100 enteries are confusing ... I was on here for 6 hours yesterday and am now sleep deprived trying to sort them out ... Angela also seems to have them sported out too.

So I think we will move forward with creating a "Golden Oldies table" with the 3 eldest saints ...

and a "cud eating table" for the sheep/cows/llama/goats.

Frodo must stay a Meanie as per his largest financer, XINE

And if Rock joins the FelV then we can creat a "Pain in the ass table"

Angela your table would still be open for selection

**If anyone has any objections just let me know. I want to make everyone happy!!!

cathie k

Dammit: No freaking spell check ..forgot the "A" in actualization..c

cathie k

Frodo may join...he's a wild one...I've always loved his spirit..(he's no meanie:just using his self actuliztion skills) we were told he bits But that never happened.Again;The table's open to all,come on down.....C


MAURO... I have table #19 and yet to be decided who to sponsor -- but I see that Helga wants to start up a new table for the cows / sheep, and Carol wants a 'pain in the ass' table too.

So... I would be willing to give up my table so that a new one can be started... and combine with you for perhaps an "ancient SAINTS" table like Jenn suggested. With Molly, Gideon (if Lory is OK with it), Stripe ... and others maybe (whichever animals can be considered 'ancient' in this very old animal rescue!). What do you think?


Is anyone else finding over 90 entries confusing? Maybe I just need a cup of coffee.

If Gideon is now at the "Golden Oldies" table, give him the head chair as he must be the oldest and deserves the honour!

Jenn Hine

**Cheryl and stef ... helga had a suggestion ... a "cud chewing table" ... so taht percy, em, joy, carl and the sheep can attend i can tell you that percy is very sad taht he has not been invited. Helga would put $20 towards this table ...

**great Amy so far there are two who support that idea

**Lynne I will add that great.

**everyone one please note that if/when this post is burried with new posts you can easily find this post categorized under "event info" ...also I want to challenge the table sponsors to come with some great catchy names for their tables!!! Also for the people dropping off their money at SAINTS this weekend I will put an envelope in the office (aka Reggie's home) on the desk please make sure your name and table are with it. See you saturday and I will help clean the cat/dog room off the kitchen because Lynne is still gimpy ... ice that knee.

Amy Dalgliesh

I have donate to Rock's and the FeLV's table and am fine with combining them. Actually, if they exceed the amount, I am fine with my donation being moved to whatever table needs to be bumped up.


luchy is supposed to be lucky. i am typing in a dark room so guessing as to where the letters really are. duh


okay can we get a bigger place and have more tables. lol we should put bailey with the barn animals table. that way he may get to love them. glad luchy can be at a table and perdy would be good at the mean table because she really is very lovable under the right circumstances ie her being the centre of attention with no other canine bodies around. and tyra and maude should have their own special place after putting up with sharing carol all these years. i would like to put in another 10 for jewel at the memorial table.

cheryl and stef

the goats are still waiting for someone to share their table....poor Chewie, Pete, Gilbert and Edith, They would love some company at their table...


Cathie ... thats great pics with the donation works great and then I can scan them into my computer and then mail the originals back to you and hopefully Carol can remember to grab that at the next vet appointment ... lil big buds i think?


Nobody has mentionned Percy and his girls. And Carl and the sheep. I'll give $20 toward a cud-chewers' table. And Frodo's stowaway abilities should be recognized. If he had a truck to go with that trailer he'd be King of the Road.


Phoebe is willing to share a table. She has the ability to work well with others.


XINE I like it ... but jerry has no GLAMOR abilities what so ever ... only biting my hand really hard and growling at everyone except CAROL abilities. OK so the table is now called "The Mean and we Love them" table

TAMMY ... would pheobe like to join Frodo at the "MEAN and we love them table?"

Sweet Perdy would also fit this table because she is mean to all the other dogs but she has a soft kissable head, a very waggy tail and the zoomiest zooomies of all saints.


Also if the meanie table gets lots of fans, the 20 bucks from Donna my co-worker can move to another table, since she is just wanting to help old animals not specifically mean.


No no Frodo can't be moved to a pain in the ass table, he has to stay mean. But yes to Phoebe sharing the table because if she has glamour ability despite her meanness, then that is in keeping with the spirit of that table. "Mean and we love them". Obviously Frodo is loved too if he gets his own trailer, and Jenn hearts him! And if Jerry is loved and has glamour then ok too.


Laura was feeling bad not getting in on a table so she made me an offer..... since everyone who is blind is at my table could Lucky get in on it too and then also could Lucky be a good friend and bring her MP neighbor Reggie...he gets lonely always at home alone.....I said ok but that will cost you $100..she said sure!


I would be willing to move frodo to a "pain in the ass" table except its up to Xine (and emmakat) who contributed 6X the dough as me ... and also as we know Frodo does not share very well ... that is why he has his own trailer.

Re: Joey ... he does a million cute things to glamour you so you do not NOTICE his jerk behavior ...

and if I know Tammy she would never put Phoebe at a meany table .. she is also GLAMORED by her phebs ...

Colleen Bridges

Oh Carol brought her A-game! I like the 'Pain in the Ass' table...Or we could do 'Phoebe, Kodi and his flock'. But Joey is sweet as candy so how come he's in with the hooligans?

Oh wait - I might like the Meanie table the best. Can Jesse join? I'll let the bosses decide.

Jenn I'm glad you think this is fun. I was concerned people were getting annoyed!


Hey Tammy Phoebe at Frodo's table for dinner is perfect...since she is always in his trailer anyways stealing all his soft food!!


can we have a pain in the ass table?..that would fit kodi, perdy, jesse, phoebe, reggie, esther, JOEY, the pissing fruit loop bastards, CONAN the dryer hose wrecking BARBARIAN cat, sidney (the pinky and the brain little innocent looking monster bunny) and squirt who pees on all the other dogs! why does he do that????


Jenny will be happy to share her table with her LA friends (past and present).
Bridgette, Abe,
Shrek, Fi, Fluke
Lola, Larry, Jenny

Mauro Salles

(1) Partial list of forgotten, disowned, banished, abandoned: :):):)
=> Bond, Conan, Eddie, Endora, Tula.
=> Andy, Joey, Maude, Gwen, Bibi, Dusty, Esther, Max, Reggie, Phoebe.
=> Carl Elliot, Joy, Percy, Emily.

(2) Molly is sad and lonely, looking for company!!! (:

(3) Why not a SAINTS former´s table? Banjo, Chance, Tinkerbell ...

(4) How to rearrange the members of each table? I don't know!!! I have no idea!!! Good luck !!! :) :) :) :)


ATTENTION ANNE AND COLLEEN ... you may have a counter offer ... TAMMY would like to give some money and either change the table to a table for KODI and PHEOBE ... perhaps a MISFIT or MISUNDERSTOOD table ...

Or I personally have seen pheobe on the bed once (and have a picture to prove it ... in fact. Kodi and her were arguing about it) ... so can pheobe be with the bed buddies?

TAMMY (and Phebs) does this suite you? Phebs I know you are precious and beautiful and deserve your own table but Tammy didn't love you enough to dream you up a table in her sleep last night while this post was created.


*Lynne I miss that little copper-top too!

*Thanks Angela. Just let us know when you decide no rush the decision is yours.


In response to #63, Jenn's suggestion to add Rock to the FELV table, I donated to both tables so that is fine with me.


Hi Jenn, "Pet Friendly Canada" is me! That is, Angela, who got the last remaining table.

Anyone have suggestions on who to sponsor? We were thinking of either Mandy & Max, or Esther, or ...?


I think it's very appropriate that Kodi herd up his buddies & share his table!


i would like to put in 50 for copper at the memorial table. miss that little bugger.


WHO IS "Pet Friendly Canada" we got a paypal donation and think it is for a table but don't know who they want to sponsor ... and we may be out of tables ...

Colleen Bridges

Jenn I just saw your comment about turning Kodi's table into the bed buddies. I'm up for it if Ann is!


I am certain Jenny, Nicole, Shrek and Fi will be down for that ... (and Tammy will be happy Lola is at table this year even if Pheobe is not).

Awe Kodi ... the other four-leggers may not like you but by golly you've got this saints volunteers cleaning up after you, taking you home for sleep overs and speanding their retirement funds on you ... what is your secret?

Colleen Bridges

Thanks Jenn - that makes me feel better!

Do you think we could add Lola to Jenny's LA table to round out the crew? Larry will kick in $100 for that. (look - he's already spending my money and he's not even here yet) Sorry, Nicole - do you mind?

I'll also add the remaining $100 to Kodi's. Frankly, I'm worried nobody else will. I joke, I joke...


$30.00 in honor of Buddy and Sissy at the in memory of table. I miss hearing about and seeing pictures of those two sweethearts. sending a cheque.



the money is for the saints and their very expensive VET HABIT lol. So we will not put a limit on the table amounts then ... and people can just add as much as you want.

I have a suggestion ... can we add rock to the other FeVL? that way we can create a table for KO's loves our quacky little chicks and ducks: Jerome, Helga, Floyd, Edwina and Quiet?

What do you guys? think??? "Rock/THE BLOG TABLE" supporters get the call

I am sorry that each and every saint does not have a table ... there is only 19 tables ... anyother suggestions by people to accommodate College B's guilt ... as she must look at these animals on saturday and tell them that she did not know you could't call "dib" other wise it looks like she would have emptied her bank account! lol. It was the same thing last year when carol did the table tails ... she had to choose. I know the rest are homeless and table-less ... awe.

RE: In memory of a pet (you can definately do that just let us know the name of your beloved friend).


What a great response from everyone, but I did notice that my very special friends Floyd,Edwina,Quiet,Helga and Jerome have been missed from the tables. I will be sending a50.00 donation on behalf of my feathered friends!

Colleen Bridges

Holy crapola...the spots are gone while I was trying to decide my SAINT! I didn't know you could dibs them! Obviously I would have picked Larry...but he's coming home with me mwahahaha!

So we need to brainstorm some way to open up for more donations. It's obvious there's some very generous folks out there! Maybe you could up the sponsorship of each table to $300 - then more people could contribute?

What about the bed buddies? Or Perdy? And I'd pitch money in for Griffin's leaky butt! I think Mandy and Max should have a spot. What about fat Suzie? She'd be horrified to miss out on hell, how can we leave any of them out?


Put me in for another $20. Ten for my little sweetie, Doris and 10 for my prancing pony- Yoshi. I'll put it in Reggie's room again, tomorrow.
Yes, xine- Frodo can be a big meanie, if he so chooses, like scratching up my son's arms cause Matthew did not pet him up to snuff... jeez, he was more like Gollum than Frodo. But, when I walk wee doggies, he follows us around, sweetly, with a little halo atop his head.


We were going to pick Sidney but I went back saw that he has a sponsor with the other rabbits so - so we can add the $200 to their table - OR - if Carol would like she can pick a SAINT that most resembles me in character and we will sponsor that animal.

Amy Dalgliesh

I would love to see a table for those that are so good we don't necessarily hear much about them. We all know the squeaky wheels get the grease and I would like to see those that don't squeak be recognized. Also, what about making a table in honor of your personal animals, after all they share their people graciously....they at least deserve an honorable mention!


*Pam and Tannis I am going to add your $10 to the our shy guy Medical Room if that is ok ...

*Cathie K ... I love that you thought of Dixie Chick she really is a cool cat. Yeah if you have some younger pics that would be great you can email them to me at

*Lory ... Gideon is grateful that you obeyed his wishes ... now is thinking about getting an apple ... but it has not happened for him yet. DARN.

*Angela ... you got the last table spot.. close call. You can choose your saint(s) up until the first week of August.

**If I missed anyone please let me know***


You forgot to add my $100 to the FeLV crew - see ccomment #17. I'm dropping the cheque off at SAINTS tomorrow when I go up.


Yes, Jenn. Gideon wanted me to pay the full amount....I can tell! Kisses to Gid....


We're in (if we're not too late!). We'll sponsor a table too... if it's okay, we'll figure out who it's for later! PayPal payment coming.

cathie k

carol. I would like to sponser a table(200) Would it be possible to put it in Dixie Chick's name, For all the cats of her ink,like Oscar Wilde and may pick up the money order from Dr Loff's any time after the weekend.If Jenn wants young photo's of Dixie I have some.C.Koulouris.....N.B that will be a vertual table no way of me getting there.C


Xine, Yup Frodo is definately the meanest cat on the property and I myself will throw in $20 towards that table because I heart him so and he has never biten me personally. He likes me to kiss his head and let him sleep in my car when I am there.


My business Shake-A-Paw Pet Services will sponsor a diabetic table.....Angel,Casper,Dusty and Griffin(I think that is all of them)


We will contribute $100.00 towards a table for Kodi, will bring a cheque next time I am there. Ann & Tony


jenn, you called al a fence dumper!
shrek and fi would like to sponsor a table for Jenny, their fellow LA friend. They will give up their treats and put their allowance $ in. There's no room in our house right now for her, so they will sponsor her table.

Louise Z.

I would also like to donate another $60:
$20 for all 13 bunnies, and $10 each for the following cats in the Medil Room: Sidney, Lilith, Bobby Brown and Charlie. Money will be paid by Pay Pal later today.


Hello! I just donated $20 through paypal. Please use it to fill up any table that may need a little boost to hit it's goal.

Thank you for all you do!!!


Oh there are all the posts, how strange, they didn't appear for me! Thanks Carol. I had a feeling it was that cat in the trailor... I have been a lurker since finding your site in December. I am constantly amazed by everything you do, and so grateful that you exist!


the meanest cat on the farm is frodo (that is why he lives in a trailor all by himself at night....during the day we tell folks to be careful because if he gets pissed..he will bite them HARD!)

sometimes, he is a bit of a prick.


hi, i tried posting today, but for some reason they are not showing up? anyways, i am putting in 100 in memory of my beloved emmakat, and 20 from a co-worker who was just impressed that such a place as SAINTS exists. Paypalled today.

Barbara T.

I will be putting in the mail to you tomorrow $45.00 to the Memorial Table for my 3 Seniors who have traveled to the bridge and $40.00 for the Blog Table because my day does not start till I have read the blog and received my daily chuckle from Jenn's pictures and comments.


Jenn you are correct. Myself & Hana will sponsor the whole table for Al. We are both very gratefull to be allowed to foster for such a great rescue!


Ok, I just donated via Paypal, for a random mean feline. Would be interested to find out which one that is...

Brenda McCormick

I will put $20.00 towards the Blog table as well - Will give it to you this Sunday.

cheryl and stef

Hey Jenn. I guess I should learn how to spell my own goats name....It is Merridith....and Stefanie and Cheryl are co/sponsoring the hopefully we will have another co/sponsor for the goats...if not we love sharing tables with other saints....


wow! my co-worker just put in 20 bucks after i explained how awesome saints is! she's allergic to all animals! amazing! that's how awesome you are! so 120 on the meanest cat at the farm!

Mauro Salles

Hi, Jenn!

"Short answering" your question, some time ago I started researching animal rescue organizations, particularly old dogs, and one of them is Old Dog Haven, in Washington. I found a link addressing SAINTS website, on ODH main page.

And, by the way, this is an alternative to publicize SAINTS.

tannis k

I will donate 10 for what ever table needs it) I still just so happy chance got a foster home! Will give it to helga! ON friday........


who is the meanest kitty around? i will donate 100 in that cat's name, in memory of my beloved hellion who passed away last year. just let me know which cat to put down. also, is paypal ok? i'll never get around to writing a cheque.


That is a table for the piggies ( I will see how many of my family & friends will go in on this with me )

Hey family & friends...are you reading this ?


I will sponsor Tunie, Ellie-Mae & Herman.....what the world needs now.. is love.. sweet love, thats the only thing there is just too little of... Lol.. you would have to be a barn helper to "get" this post.


Well, I'll bring in a donation today of $20, for Mother Teresa- she is a real beauty. I know that Helga says she can flip a little attitude, but I don't see that at all!
Carol, I'll put it in Reggie's room, in the drawer.

cheryl and stef

Merridth would like to co/sponsor a table for her Goat pals. (Pete, Gilbert, Edith and she has never met chewie but she has heard all about him) so 100$ from Merridth Stirling for the Goats.....Do we send it thru Paypal with instructions for what it is for????


I would like to sponsor Al. Such a nice boy, so deserving. I will mail a cheque today.


I sent my donation for a table yesterday to sponsor Gideon. As the oldest horse at SAINTS he should have his own table!


OMG! You all are so wonderful! Thank you for dedicating a table to The Rock! What a fantastic response. When I get paid on Friday I will PayPal $10 for The Rock and $10 for the FeLV table as well.


I can do $10!! I can't attend since I'm in Nashville, TN but I'll certainly be there in heart!

I'll paypal now!


For anyone who would like to send a check if they could mail it to

15570 58 A Avenue
Surrey BC
V3S 4N8


Amy Dalgliesh

Louise, you read my mind and typed faster. I am also sending $20. Ten for Rock and ten for the FeLV's (since I have two). Check being mailed today.


I just sent my donation by paypal. $10 for Rock's table which I mentioned earlier but when I saw another table listed with a cat named Louise (FELV cat table) how could I not send another $ $20 for now :)


Dear Father hear and bless
Thy beasts and singing birds
And guard with tenderness
Small ones who have no words.

Perhaps you could set up a "memorial table? I have 13 babies who have gone on before me... I'm in for $5.00 for each one of them. I don't have paypal so I need to know where to send a check.
Kudos to you for all you do!


wow what wonderful supporters we have!!! Mauro I can't believe you live in Brazil that is so cool. How did you hear about SAINTS???

and DAWN what animal have you chosen?


Can we have a table for the rest of the Felv crew? I will contribute $100 for a table for Murray, Mother Theresa, Louise, Brianne and Miranda. The Rock will have his own table I guess.

Mauro Salles

Just in case, I'm sponsoring a "virtual table", because I live in Brazil and can't attend. I forgot to mention this in the instructions via PayPal. Please, kill me twice, to make sure. :)


Way to go Mauro and Dawn! And to everyone else who has donated so far, I will also donate $10 toward the table for "Rock" and will donate again, closer to the event.

Mauro Salles

A table dedicated to "Little Miss Molly" and $200 sent via PayPal.


Put me down for $10 :) Heck, pretty much owe it to you as much as I have been reading the SAINTS blog lately :)

You do so much, for so many.


If you click on the above go down to the second post down the information is there as to where to send a cheque. If you could also say which animal you would like to sponsor that would be great.


Do we get to choose our SAINT?

I will sponsor a table. Where do I send the money?


Louise Z.

I'm in for $10 too at Rock's table. Let me know how to get it to you.

Lynne & Scott

Already sent to SAINTS via PayPal and looking into whether or not my U.S. company will match our donation...

Lynne & Scott (and Spot, of course)

We're in for 5 spots at the blog from Lynne, Scott, Sophie, Maxx and our SAINT Spot. Let us know how to get you the $.


Another blog reader $10 table sponsor here. I think it is a great idea to dedicate our table to the rock!

Amy Dalgliesh

Ten bucks from me also (do you have paypal or should I send a check?). Wish I could do more, maybe I can before fall. And I would love our table to be dedicated to one of the cats and since the Rock, rocks I say go for it!


We don't know how to put a downloadable form that can be printed off onto the blog. I only know how to make it a jpeg and then copy to photobucket and then put on the blog which you really can't print off.

If anyone would like the poster to print off you can email me at or


yay hillevi!
the rock is good.... his weight is healthy, he hasn't been sick in quite awhile. he is still the benevolent king of his domaine and the VERY loud greeter, always first at the door.

he truly is an amazing cat..if he were a human, he would be an even better president than obama!!!
since we are the first two of our sponsor group...shall we dedicate our table to "the rock?" i think he deserves it, he is the epitome of any and every saint.


I will match your $10 by Friday. Hope others will join in. BTW, how is The Rock these days?