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OM freaking G!!!!!

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2010

what a family of truly amazing friends our animals have!!!!! i am beyond touched, i am humbled by your care and love for them. i am stunned.

thank you all.

and the news at saints today...

angel is back to normal again. little big bud goes in tomorrow for his stolen vet appointment and follow up cushings test. mandy looks freaking adorable in her purple sweater with the hot pink trim.

Well yeah Jenn dressed me! and she would dress you too if you let her ;)

renee and angelina are tackling the fatty cats..not the chubbies, but the truly obese. apparently scrappy and maxine are only getting a small treat of canned food and are shut out into the hallway while the other less round cats get to stuff their faces. i am pretty sure the complaints will be lodged as soon as scrappers and max figure out that being out in the hallway during lunch time was not an isolated mistake.

This is an injustice! So Charlie, Tiko and especially Tasha (who is the literally a round furball) are just Chubbie? Put us on the scale and lets see

ruby is still upset, she is not eating yet. i bought her some special treats today and i am hoping she will try them before i have to start force feeding.

i shared my dinner of corn and perogies with the dogs tula did manage to steal some for herself too. esther is now beyond herself and fussing non stop because she knows damn well i put half of it away in the fridge for my dinner tomorrow.

jenny was trying to get larry to play with her out in the yard yesterday and today. she bounces around him trying to entice him to chase her...he just stands there with his tail slowly wagging, back and forth...while he is happy that she is happy...he still ain't doing something as pointless as running around. he has quite the tan now by the way..larry is a sun worshipper..baking in UV's really makes his day. (i bet he misses california and thinks he is living in a wet artic climate)

jenny and larry
jenny and larry

apparently a few sneaky cows and a single sneaky llama snuck into my upper field today. i bet they had a freaking grazing fest on my sweet and happily growing green grass. oh well...everyone has to win sometime..they won only long enough for colleen to round them up and kick them out....wanna bet they are plotting their next break in as soon as they can????

if i must say so myself....i am an incredibly talented grass grower...that field looks soooooo good....too bad there is not a grass growing contest with a very big first prize!

my only worry tonight is maude who i am watching get so old and frail in her head. her body is still like a super dog (because she refuses to accept that it is not)...but geez she is aging inside her brain so fast now...frankly it scares the shit out of me because saints is not saints without my maudie....who'd have thought that she would grow so old as to reach 17???

Perhaps it is because I am too old to remeber how old I am ... or perhaps the doGs just shine on me!

grhhh...geezuz christ in a box griffin!!!! do you have to squirt liquid shit across every freaking inch of the floor?????????

i gotta go clean up (and gag) after the mini beast with the gynormous freaking ears (aka... mr. overactive walking everywhere colon.)

yuck! one sponsor a table for griffin the gross..i will personally sponsor one of the trash cans and a roll of paper towels for him.

I do too have a table HA! I am with the Diabetic table thanks to "Shake-a-paw" ... I can stay right Lana? Oh good. Go and clean up that mess Carol and stop complaining I am resting ... and thinking about the tastey food that will be at my table



To weekend "house cleaners" - I will be there Saturday morning (can't come Sunday this weekend), so hopefully a couple of folks can come on Sunday since Lynne is out of commission too. Sorry for the switch!


And one more thing. Have you taken a look-see at Charlie lately? Holy Toledo!! I saw him happily horking down today and I wondered is that a grey parachute behind his head? Sorry, Charlie, but I really did have to do a double take.


"Heavy set" ex Saint Nudge says "yeah!" to the Chubbie Cat Club at Saints. Voluptuous cats rock!


changing the subject, i got a copy of modern dog yesterday and wow what great pics of the saints. especially love the ones of chance and larry. colleen you just got yourself a celebrity. lol. sorry i can not come to saints again this weekend boohoo tried to go back to work on monday but my knee swelled up incredibaly and i am off again with it. can not use it . sorry hope someone reads this and can help out. what great response to the sponsoring of the tables.way to go everyone. waish we could recognize all of our lovely saints, past and present. they will be there is our hearts, tho. hope your knee is not paining you too much carol. see you all soon.


Yes, Griffin you can stay. Just use one of Carol's famous lines back at her...."SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP"!


tasha is just fluffy you guys, scrappy is uhhh....not. plus shes just such a lovey who can say no?


you kill me, Tammy! Are you calling that round, slightly "rotund" girl a lard-arse?


Yes. Tasha hides her size quite well with all her fur. However look at her at the right angle and she can really fill a room.


Mauro I will get some pics this weekend of the wound area ... I have not taken any wound shots since the first day and then Colleen took pics after/during the surgery.

Tammy I was thinking the same thing. This is an injustice!

Mauro Salles

Carol, I always read and heard about the incredible resilience and regenerative capacity of goats. But, honestly, I did not expect that Chewie could recover from his injuries. If you and/or Jenn have time (LOL), please post "before and after" pictures together. Looking more recent photos, I got the impression that "new and good flesh" grew, in large quantities ...


Okay Scrappy and Maxine may be portly but what about Tasha. She definitely takes up a serious amount of space.