Rescue Journal

jenn! post a million pictures of little big bud.

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2010

spot would LOVE him...bud is more than willing to share his well padded self in a warm soft bed with a little blind brother..i have yet to EVER see bud get upset with anyone...he even lets blind angel and klutzy kodi sleep with him....he says..."whatever" and just goes back to sleep again!

well, a photo can say a million words .. so what can my million photos say about "lil big bud" ...

well the first thing you MAY notice ... is he is LARGE ... but not in charge. He is very sweet and passive.
lil big budlil big bud

He's got big eyes, a big smile, and a big heart ... ergo BIG bud
lil big budlil big bud

He lets Daphne lick his big eyes and lets me take his pics ... what a goood doggy
lil big bud
He needs to be lifted on to the bed and is very well behaved (Jerry literally seems like the devil next to him)

and once in a blue moon or nice sunny day he will venture outside on the field walk



erin comment on lttle big bud, whom you fostered and loved. wish it would have worked out. he really is very sweet.

Lynne & Scott

Thanks for all the pictures of Bud! I have no doubt Spot would LOVE Bud...but... Of course, nothing compared to SAINTS every day but our house is on the verge of insanity with our three Jacks. Sophie's only contribution to crazy house is being a Jack herself -- thank goodness. Spot is next easiest -- he only bumps into a lot of stuff and has a couple of supplements to support his heart and shaking. Maxx is the one that throws us over the edge with 10 medications (some given multiple times a day), blindness in one eye and now she is deaf, and her bossiness with Spot (don't go here, don't go there...). That's about as much fun as we can take!


hey Sara has a new post about Chance ... sounds like he is making himself right at home haha


o.k., but he must have been rolling on the ground before... dear me! A real little butterball!


kim i can honest say lil big bud has lost weight since coming to saints ... I swear on the saints memorial garden!!!


jeez, another little porker. What the hell are you feeding these guys? Buckets of ice-cream to go with their bowls of cookie treat?


mothers are allowed to boss daughters is just the way of the world.

but thx for being bossed,great picture...mmmmm hot chocolate and baileys....will you be here when i get home after work tomorrow..not sure where the hot chocolate is but the baileys is in the fridge.


MOM you sure boss me around a lot sometimes you are worse than Daphne ... you're lucky its photos your asking for and not hot chocolate again!!!