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Due to the over 100 comments on the original table post ... I have summerized the current table standings and re-org here. Please use this post for new comments re: table changes and corrections. EACH GROUP WILL NAME THEIR TABLES.

1. FeLV Table (name to be decided) aka "THE BLOG TABLE” will bring the Rock, Mama T, Brianne, Louise, Miranda, and Murray to the event. $10.00 each: Carol, Amy ?, Louise Z. , Pam and Charlotte. $20.00 each: Kim, Leslie, Hillevi, Amy D., Brenda, Juls, Louise. $40.00 donation: Barbra T. $50.00 donation: Spot's Family: Lynne, Scott,Sophie, Max, Spot. $100.00 donation: Helga. Total: $380.00 (is that right? this one is the most confusing because we merged two tables by uniting the Rock with his FeLV friends).

2. Golden Oldies Table (name to still pending). Our 19 year old puppy “Little Miss Molly” will be there thanks to Mauro Salles who is in for $200. " Giddeon the gentle white knight" who is the oldest saint at 35 is brought to the Gala event by Lory who is contributing $200 because Giddeon wanted it so. Stripe will also be at this table because by golly she is 23 so Laura puts in $30 for her!!! Total: $430

3. Farm Dog Table (name pending) Allister our 15 year old fence jumping farm dog will have his very own table. Thanks to our great saints foster family–Dawn and Hanna. Total: $200

4. Memorial Table (Suggested names: Somewhere over the rainbow, or Lest we forget, or gone but not forgotten) with Suzanne donating $65 on behalf of her 13 darlings who have crossed the rainbow bridge, Barbra T. sending $45 in memory of her 3 seniors pets who have also passed away. Karen would like to contribute $30 in memory of saints Buddy and Sissy. Because she misses the little buggar–Lynne with $50 in memory of former saints Copper, $10 in honor of Jewel, $10 for Lucas and $10 for Champ, who she misses walking . Donna Brearley would like to contribute $30.00 to the Memorial Table in honour of Bill, Cole, Dexter, Michael, Tom, Lady Jane and Daphne (aka Daffy Duck--cocker spaniel).Total $250

5. The Grazers Table (name pending). The Goats are gonna be at this table: Chewie, Gilbert, Pete, and Edith thanks to the former saint Merridith Stirling and her family (Cheryl and Stef) who will put in $100 . The "big dogs" --cows (Percy, Emily, and Joy) and Carl and his sheep (Annie and Elizabeth) will also be at this table with Helga putting in $20.00. Colleen D. is puting in $50.00 for dear friends Lehanie and Czar to join this table. Laura with $30 wants to bring Bailey to the table (although in reality he would eat them) ... um are you sure Laura??? I think he should stay at the p in the a table . Total $200

6. Piggy Table (name pending) Mo (and her Family?) are making sure the Piggies have a table (Ellie, Herman and Tuni) with $180 Cheryl is putting in $20 towards this table. Total:$200

7. Magnificent MC table (table animal and name pending). Annette Durante from JRFM (our MC from last year and our MC for this year again) is going to sponsor a table $200.

8. The Kullar Table (table animal and name pending). Sheila and Leila Kullar are in for a table. Total: $200

9. Meany Table (name pending). The “meanest” cat at saints … our trailer park king Frodo will be at the gala in spirit with the help of Xine (for her Emmakat) –$100, her co-worker Donna $20, Jenn H. $20, and Tammy for $60 for her car cuddle buddy. Total: $200

10. Sierra Distributions Table (name and animal pending) Sierra Distributions and Kathy Kelm will buy a table. Total: $200.

11. Sugar & Spice Table. Lana the owner of Shake-A-Paw Pet Services would like to buy a table for our sugar0handicapped diabetics: Angel, Casper, Dusty, Griffin … and with her $100 Laura brings our spicey blind gal Lucky (aka Cinnamon) and … their friend Reggie (Mr. Pepper)too. Total $300

12. The Dog House Table (name pending). Kodi bear will be there in part thanks to his greatest fans–Anne and Tony who will put in $100 and Colleen Bridges is in with $100 to bring the bed buddies who are not at other tables (Prudence, Jerry, Shadow, Peluchie, Joey, Merry) to this table and Erin is making sure lil big bud is there with $50. The company J Bond and Sons is giving a corporate donation of $250 to bring any house dog who is table-less to this special inclusive table (Jesse, Squirt, Max and Mandy). Total: $500

13. LA SAINTS Crew Table (past and present) (name pending). Former saints Shrek and Fionna (from LA) would like to sponsor their LA sista Jenny, their mom Nicole will write the cheque for $200 and Colleen Bridges (Larry’s new fosta mama) would like to give $100 to have the other LA lady Lola and obviously unhairy Larry and former sainstf from LA Bridgette, Abe, Fluke (and Shrek and Fi). Total $300

14. The Feathered and Fuzzy Friends Table. Kathy O. (aka Mamma Duck) $125 for the fab. farm feathers and $40 for the Ducks from Laura for "Mama Duck" and Louise Z. and Sheryl will each contribute $20 for the 13 lucky bunnies. Meghann is sponsoring the bunnies at this table with $50. Matthew has invited the Budgies and Cockatiels with $20. Total: $275

15. The Medical Room (aka shy guy room) Table (name pending) today includes the cat: Bobby Brown, Cali, Lilith, Sidney, Charlie, and Peanut … as well as the dogs: Doris and Yoshi). Tannis is throwing in $10. Louise Z is in for $40 towards that table. Kim is in it for Doris and Yoshi with $20 and Tammy is team cat with $140. Total $210

16.The Wild Ones Table (name pending). Dixie Chick our feral Carol-hating furball is gonna be there for all the wild souls out there as per Cathie K. with $200 and because Andy (our puppy mill survior) also hates humans Barbra T. bring him to the table for Keavy with $40. Total: $240.

17. The Gumption Table (name and animals pending) and will include 13 year old Bibi who ran up a mountain, Esther who sings for her food, and Tula who is a carb junkie and steals Carol's egg rolls, toast and pizza. Pet Friendly Canada is sponsoring a corporate table thanks to Angela with $200 and Lynne is in for $20 for Bibi in particular, Donna Bearley thinks Daphne should be here and she is oozing with gumption and she runs around SAINTS like she ownes the place, so $20 towards the table. Total: $240.

18. Guardian Angel Table/ Godparents of Saints (name and animal pending). Maggie $200 and Barbra T. $200. Total: $400.

19. Pain in the Arse Table (Pheobe, Jessie, Perdy, Jerry ... and who else?). Emma is all over this table with $200. Diane Z. is thowing in $50 because her dog is a pain in the ass too. And of course Tammy is putting in $50 for her Phebs. Total: $300

GRAND TOTAL: $5225!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

wooh is that all for me? guess my Cushings tests and meds arn't cheap huh?
lil big bud

*please note that when this post gets burried you can easily find it. It is categorized as "event information" (right side above months).



Thanks Donna the dogs yiu have brought to the memorial table are very special to saints so i would be happy to add them to the memorial table. I will add daphne to the GUMPTION table I think she belongs there for sure.


I need help naming the Piggie Table... contrary to popular belief... I am not very creative

Donna Brearley

I would like to contribute $30.00 to the Memorial Table in honour of Bill, Cole, Dexter, Michael, Tom, Lady Jane and Daphne (cocker spaniel). I would also like to contribute $20.00 for Daphne, the ball playing little daxie (I didn't see her name mentioned anywhere)
Please let me know via the blog as to which table she will mentioned at.
Sending a cheque for $50.00 via snail mail.



I have a name for my #11 table - SUGAR & SPICE
SUGAR for the diabetics- Angel,Casper,Dusty & Griffin
SPICE for Lucky(aka Cinnamon) & Reggie(aka Pepper)


Good idea Elaine. There is a couple tables with no names yet. We could get everyone who has a current Saint foster to donate.

Elaine Strozek

I have problems with my eyesight now so will ask. Is there a table for fostered dogs or cats. Joe is still alive and doing pretty good Let me know as I also have some donations for you. Will get a ride up Carol and put the money somewhere the girls tell me. Thanks Elaine


Xine I think there is a reason Frodo has his own trailer ... and perhaps a reason for his town table too. He is a ONE of a kind. The only animal at saints I think would fit with Frodo is Reggie, who is a dog because he needs to live alone too OR Miranda (one of the FeVL cats because she bits chins too ... but in a happy way. James B is a bit of a jerk so maybe he could fit.


Mauro - sorry, I missed that post! I think the honor of naming the table should go to you, since it was originally your table, or to Lory, since she also put in $200. Including Maude is a great idea.

For Table 17 - what about doing a "spirited SAINTS" type of table, to honor the animals that show spirit / attitude / joy in life despite being seniors -- include some of the animals that haven't yet been included like:

- Bibi (for having the, ahem, spirit to run up a mountain when he was unhappy - although glad that he seems to be over that!)

- Esther (for knowing what she wants [cookies!] and having the guts to ask for what she wants).

- Anyone else?


I would love to see Bibi and any of the other dogs not assigned to a table in "The Dog House" (ha! ha!) I didn't split the corp donation into names because I don't know all of them and with so many blogs I wasn't sure who was where. They all deserve a special mention, is it too much to add all of their names Jenn?


Can somehow other cats join Frodo while still acknowledging Frodo's separate entity?


why can we not have spritleys name in honor of the memorial table. he beat all odds and never gave up sort of a saints dream. just an idea. or there is cole or rosie just ideas.


For those who still need to name their table. The house cats need represented. There is kinda 2 groups the cats that mix with the dogs and the dog haters in the back room. Or you could do the young cats who don't fit at a seniors home Winter,Diablo, Ruby. Also Esther told me she needs her name to be mentioned at a table because there is FOOD!(I'm thinking the PINTA TABLE) Other house dogs that don't fit with the bed buddies are Bibi,Squirt,Max & Mandy.


it is FeLV...and there are FIV cats here too but i do not segregate them, they live with the general population because cat AIDS is transmissable in the same way as human AIDS which means deep blood contact only, not thru casual contact like sharing a drink of water or toilet facilities.

it is one of my pet peeves..FIV's getting knocked off early or stuck in with FeLv's to die early because of a stigma that is not really based in research or reality....just old fashioned and out dated knowledge of that not so transmissable disease.


Is it FeLV or FeVL? I see it both ways for Table 1. Are any of the FIV kitties invited? If not, can we make room for them at the FeLV table?

Amy Dalgliesh

Jenn, you are amazing to be keeping track of all of this. I agree with Helga, this makes me dizzy.

Amy Dalgliesh

Is everyone covered? I would love to make sure that everyone is acknowledged, as they all deserve to be. Gee, Carol, all you need to do is fit the stories on a table top placard...easy, right ;)?

Mauro Salles

** ANGELA **

Oh, Angela!! So sorry!! I wrote comment #100 in the previous topic, but it was "lost" and, in fact, was not clear ... ):

For me the name "Golden Oldies" is OK, and you, Lory, Laura and me can put the oldies together on table 2.

Three "problems" to solve:
=> What do you think of including Maude, many years at SAINTS?
=> What to do with table 17?
=> We need to establish limits on table 2, not to deprive others. (:


Colleen D, yup, i did trim Larry's nails. they were/are so long so i did quick him a couple of times.
Colleen (his new mom), you can bring him back up to saints for nail trims when i'm out as he will need them often to get the quicks to receed.


Yeah Mama Duck ... I like the name for the table too. I knew you would come up with something!!!

Thats cool Angela I will edit that ... do not fret about making suggestions we are all saints supporters and blog lovers here so I think everyone is open to getting as many saints at the gala as possible while raising as much money as possible, and as a bonus we are getting to know each other and the animals better too!!! I LOVE IT!!!!


Wow, what an incredible response! Just a note Jenn, table #17 isn't made in my personal name, it's on behalf of Pet Friendly Canada.

Mauro -- I hope I didn't offend you -- didn't mean to barge in and suggest that all the "oldies" get put on your table!


Thanks Laura!Mamma duck is happy! I've been on the phone for donations so I have another 75.00 for the Feathered and Fuzzy Friends Table(ducks/chicks/birds/bunnies)


Jenn, unbelievable that you can co-ordinate all this. Just reading the comments makes my head spin. Fantastic work.


Thanks Louise ...I will put in for $20 for the Felv table (with Rock) for you and move pam in with $10 (I had put her at a different table for some reason). Juls said $10 but actually put in $20 through pal.

Lynne & Scott

This is wonderful! I'm so excited at the response you've seen...

Please...more pictures of Bud. We have a soft "spot" for the Jacks.


Jenn, you asked if the amount for the Rock/Felv table was right. I did note I am showing $10 for Rock but on comment #20 (of original posts) I mentioned adding another $10 for the Felv table so not sure if you added that in. Also #23 Pam donated $10 for Rock but don't see her name listed. I see Juls #5 donating $10 for Rock but you list as $20. So maybe the grand total is only short $10? I can see why you spent 6 hours going over it!! very confusing :)


Since I didn't get a table for $200 and have only spent $100 so far I would like to make up the diff this way......$30 for Stripe cause she wouldn't want to be at the table and not contribute, $30 for Bailey to move off the Pain in the Ass table cause all he REALLY wants is to be at the GRAZERS TABLE! then $40 for the Duck Table because I sit beside Mamma Duck at work and she was sad that her table total wasn't that high.

Barbara T.

I have one of my own (puppy mill survivor)who while let no human near her except me, her name is Keavy and she is a Doll so another $40.00 coming to SAINTS on behalf of Andy and Dixie Chicks table.

Colleen Donnelly

I'm in for the name "The Grazers" for the table for the Goats, Cows, Sheep and Lahanie and Czar. Makes sense to me! What do you think Cheryl and Steph and Helga?


probablly because my math sucks ... let me add it agian haha ... nope your math sucks lynne :)

Juls I like the error :)


Hi all!
So great to see how quickly the tables multiplied and the money grew! I had said I would send in $10 for the Rock?FELV table, but I actually sent $20 via paypal earlier today...

:o) Juls


i ll put in $50 for little big bud at kodis table (or whatever its called now) for the fosters that were not to be. will put cash in envelope in reggies room next weekend


ANDY (out puppy mill survior) who will let no human touch him ... would be a perfect candidate for the Dixie Chick table in anyone is an ANDY friend.

Barb I will put the suggestion on the table.

Barbara T.

Consideration only - the Guardian Angel Table could be renamed the "Godparents of Saints" table.


no problem kim ... they can join their feathered farm bird friends and the bunny table.

Colleen Bridges

I will be out tomorrow morning and depending on how Larry settles in tomorrow night, I can be out on Sunday too.

Hey Nicole - did you by chance give unhairy Larry (Jenn that's awesome!) a pedicure today? If not, no problem. As long as he doesn't turn into a snarling fiend I can take care of it.


Matthew would like to buck in $20 for the budgies and the cockatiel. I don't think they have a table.


i put 50 coloured open house posters on the table in the mp room today. Julie will be picking up a bunch of them to distribute in M.R and Abby so feel free to take a few but leave some for Julie, please.

Barbara T.

Thanks Sheila:
Will be passing along mailing address to other offices and friends I work with.


I will have an envelope in the MP room office (AKA Reggie's appartment) for volunteers to put their donations in (please have your name attached and table etc. also mailing address and email adress please). Also I have TEN colored Open house posters so use them wisely .... they will be beside the money envelope which I will give to Sheila on tuesday at our Event Commitee Meeting.


oh i really like the idea of the dog house table. this whole thing has taken on a life of its own. howa great is everyone.


i would like to add 10 each for my friends lucas and champ. miss going for walks with them. oh that is for the memorial table. god if i gave 10 for each of the animals that were special to me i would be working for nothing.


Put me down for $20. for the Bunny Table. I hate PayPal, but I just tried to use it and I think I messed up. I'll keep an eye on it and if it doesn't seem to have gone through, I will send via Canada Post.


I'm posting this again in case it was missed: To "house cleaning volunteers" - I am coming on Saturday this weekend, NOT Sunday, so I'm hoping a few others will be able to come Sunday to cover both Lynne and I not being there. Thanks
Oh, and Bailey needs to be on the Pain in the Ass list with the others, Jenn

Barbara T.

I will be mailing another table sponsorship donation next week of $200.00, from one of the offices I work at, for the Guardian Angel Table.

To reconfirm the mailing address:
c/o 15570 58A Avenue
Surrey, BC
V3S 4N8


Finally Phoebe found a place to sit. While calling her a "pain in the ass" may be a little harsh (although sometimes she can wear out her welcome) it is nice to have her at the party.
And since the table holds the spirit of Phoebe put me down for $50.
Also how can I disappoint Frodo, my car cuddles buddy.
I will give $60 to his table.


My boss just donated $50.00 for the Pain in the Ass Table, as she has one of "those" dogs too and jumped at the name when I was going thru the various tables (Diane Z)


That would be the Pain In The Ass table just to clarify for my donation.


Finally the table I have been waiting for! Put me down for $200 and please add Phoebe's name onto that table! (sorry Tammy).


Correction Jenn: I'm in for $40.00 at the Blog Table, or wherever it is needed? - not $10.00. Re Colleen's comment: Yes, I think Perdy and Bailey should be there - both pain in the asses! aka (The Odd Couple). I'll leave my money tomorrow when I come.

Colleen Bridges

WOW ANN! Wonderful!

See I was just about to ask that Mandy and Max not be left out of the (mostly) blind table, but they will fit in The Dog House too.

Jenn - your call, but in light of the awesome donation that Ann got, if you want to rearrange funds I can move to support Jesse, The Pain in the Ass. Only because he bit me and I still want to be his friend. Should Bailey and Perdy be there? It would make Lynne happy :)


I have a corporate donation of $250 for The Kodi & Buddies table from J Bond & Sons, so how be we add on all the house dogs not mentioned so far and call it "The Dog House". What do you think Colleen?