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bored outta my gord...

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2010

way too quiet at work today plus i am out and out sleepy from my midnight barn checking. half an hour to go and then a couple of days off..i wonder if i can sleep in til 8 tomorrow...wouldn't that be so good?'t...i have to get scrappy into the vet.... he has been off for the past couple of days. and louise is ending her battle with FeLV so i need to take her in first thing in the morning if i can too. i will call them at 7 and see when and if they can squeeze us in.

and..i forgot..that idiot chewie ate his freaking dressing today....he sucked the whole thing back so he now has an 8x10 thick pad somewhere in his GI tract. I called the vets, they said to watch him like a colic animal because he may or may not will be about 48 hours for it to either dissolve or go thru his intestines. so i guess i am on goat colic watch tonight which means checking on him in the rabbit room every couple of hours too.

what proof do you have that I have eaten this so called "dressing"?

at least there are no freaking rats in there to freak me out but there goes another good nights sleep....god damn gluttonous goat!

bibi loves me. i got the whole wagging tail, hopping in the air, barking for joy welcoming from him at lunch today. he is such a sweet old guy. but he definitely has trouble developing emotional relationships..this has taken a very long time!

he is also ackward at making dog friends. he is trying hard but he is kind of freaking both the dogs and the volunteers out. bibi's way of making friends is to follow them and circle around his intended new friend compulsively with a really cheerful and VERY interested smile.

the dogs are going..'what the hell are you doing? are making me freaking nervous...someone help me, this dog is freaking weird"..the volunteers are watching and going.."what the hell is he doing? is he going to jump them or does he just want to be friends?"

Bibi making or perhaps chasing friends away ... hmmm
bib playing with or chasing squirt

i see bibi with all of the dogs in the house all the time. i watched that evil mongolian monster charge him and make him run. i have seen little blind griffin make him high tail and head for the hills too. if a cat gets swatty, bibi back pedals out of the way..this dog does not have a mean or confrontational bone in his body so i know he is just wanting (and not knowing how) to play.

oh well, he will figure it out eventually and so will the dogs he is following around. not all of them are as eager to be attached to as i am but one of them will eventually break down and have a fun run around game with him one day.

i am glad that bibi's suffering is lessening..i am glad my suffering at watching him suffer is lessening too. he still has low confidence and some anxiety but he is moving upwards and forward nicely on his own.

letting dogs heal themselves i think is the best thing to do. the last thing he needed was me sticking my two cents and opinions and suggestions into his personal hell...he is figuring it out on his own and in the end he will be stronger, more resilient and flexible.

personal success in meeting, surviving and overcoming great challenge has a habit of doing that to you.

i am truly falling in love with this dog...bibi is figuring out how to make his own life miracle.

he is an amazingly wonderful soul.



I'm really happy to know that BiBi is doing well...I always feel something in my heart whenever I think of BiBi .So thank you Carol and everyone at S.A.I.N.T.S for helping BiBi .I hope I can see BiBi in the summer when I'm visiting B.C


I am so happy to have read Bi-Bi is doing well. Thank you Carol and Team S.A.I.N.T.S.


we are sending hopefulness for Scrappie and, by extention, little Lotus.

Louise Z.

Louise and Lotus' stories have been reversed. When you click on Louise in the "Our Animals" section for cats, Lotus' story comes up. Louise's story comes up under Lotus.


I'm so glad BiBi is beginning to enjoy being a SAINT. He may very well be in for the time of his life. I can't wait to see him again.


When I take Bibi out with Phebes and Al, Bibi just loves Phoebe. He is constantly following her and trying to get her going. She wants nothing to do with him and would like him to back the hell off.


Oh I am particularly fond of FeLV cat Louise, she's always ready to sit on a lap for some fuss. Little head tilt friend.


good for bibi, there is nothing worse than watching someone suffering and going through their own personal hell and not being able to do a damn thing about it. i am so glad for him and for you too carol.