Rescue Journal

the horses are still good.

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2010

both czar and gideon are eating their hay and pooping so i think i can leave them til 3 am for the next check and grab some shut eye.

i will say tho...

that i freaking HATE going into that barn in the dark of the night..those bloody rats zip out of nowhere and it totally freaks me right out.

remind me when we next have some extra money to buy a god damn barn monitering system so i can check on them as needed via my stress free computer screen.



we have had a rat problem here because a neighbor has goats and they are drawn to the goat food. my exterminator has put out locked bait boxes which contain a particular rodenticide which has no secondary kill... if something eats said dead rat there are no adverse effects for the animal eating it. the next time he is here i will ask for the name of the product and send it along. i put the boxes out because the rats here are the primary carriers of lepto and i have multiple dogs so lepto would definitely not bring me great gobs of joy. my cats are all indoor cats because we live on a very busy road and also because we have a pair of nesting red tailed hawks on the other side of the field so having them out there in hunt mode is not an option here, as it might not be for you. I have covered the boxes with chicken wire which is staked into the ground so they can't even be sniffed. i must say it has worked splendidly... took about 6-8 months.


are any of your many cats hunters? a couple that might be healthy enough to live in the barn could/would be a quick and easy way to eradicate the rats. if not i'm sure a local shelter would have a couple of cats healthy enough to be barn cats.