Animal Updates

i just got off the phone with the spca

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2010

three geriatrics needing to come out to rescue. the dog is fine, we can squeeze her is a little frail geriatric min pin with the worst teeth they have ever seen (hah..i thought little chester (aka dukey) had the worst or at least thats what the vets said when they took them all out!)..anyway, she can hang out with griffin...and then buddy and sissy's beds each have new occupents in front of the fireplace and maybe it will seem right again....(i might be fooling myself with this one.)

I don't know about this ... I highly dislike any living thing near MY beds

the cats i am worried about. while we have had quite a few dogs out recently, our cat numbers are still a bit too high for my comfort zone. still...i know peanut, sidney and lilith are not long for this i let these new old ones in knowing we will have some space soon, or just say no, and not worry about whatever comes next for them.

and this would be why rescue totally SUCKS...who wants to pick who gets to live or not?

what if one of them is like tula, who just wants a chance to hang out behind my computer and steal my food. (right now she has stolen and is eating some of brenda's AMAZING brucshetta and garlic pizza bread!) mmmmmmmmm!

maybe one of those homeless ancient cats would like to do that too.

it is hard turning them away when you KNOW that sometimes their happiness is just as simple and easy to provide as tula's is (jenn got to see her in action the other day...tula-belle just about got her whole slice of pizza..jenn's just as fast tho..she got it back again)

Oh that daughter of yours caught me ... but she gave a peice of crust and them some popcorn later. Although stealing is more fun

if we had all of the time and space and money in the world...if i didn't need to work or eat or sleep...maybe we could help them all... but.... by tomorrow i have to decide how many of the three we can actually responsibly bring in.

i wonder if ruby is ready to be out of her cage all of the time yet? i don't want to push her too soon. she was out for a while today but she is back in there again....i will have to have a quiet chat with her tonight i suppose.

steve has finished the outside of the goat shed which will soon be our new feed shed whenever we get it moved. it looks great! the barn yard reno's are ticking along well thx to the grants from the abbotsford and vancouver foundations. it will be so much easier, safer and more efficient out there once everything is done and in place.

scrappy did have his blood work today so we are just waiting for the results to see what is happening with him.

Scrappy is just not his Scrapping, attention demading, food hording self. What is up with him? Inquiring minds like Jenn and Tammy want to know

cali and peanut go into the vets tomorrow...cali has that reoccuring sore on her neck and peanut just looks like death warmed over. i am pretty sure she is an end stage kidney cat...she just has that worn out and used up look.

"Death Warmed Over" ?? Excuse me. I suppose you think you look any better???
cali catpeanut

AND renee is away for a few days..i am doing the house tomorrow cuz i am off and can do it again on thursday before i go to work in the afternoon...but wednsday is a problem..i am on the very early shift so angelina will be here on her own for both the house and the mp building. tammy said she can help with the rabbits and medical room on wednsday. if anyone is bored with nothing to do, the FeLV cats and the mp room dogs could use some extra help too.

today was go into town multiple times and fill up the van to the rafters and then haul it all was three full trips in total. but the feed run is done, the litter/canned food is here and i even got to the bleach and cleaning supplies. all total i bet i brought in about 2000 pounds of stuff...and that will just last us about a week.


and tomorrow i must not forget to renew my car insurence (last day!) BEFORE i go out to chillwack in the afternoon to pick up any new/old animals. reminders appreciated!


Mauro Salles

Ah, the fourth caption!

What a beauty! What a sweetness!! A paradigm of subtlety!


You probably have those treaded property taxes coming up as well, you can now apply on-line for the grant so that saves a bit of time & effort. I will keep reminding you

Louise Z.

I was going to tidy up Reggie's room for the Open House anyway, so I can help clean the MP Room, get a few loads of laundry done and scoop the FeLV room too on Wednesday.


Since I am there, anyways, in the morning to walk dogs, I'll help with the felv kitties. Just let me know what you feed them, Carol or Helga. Is Dusty supposed to be walked, yet? I will tend to the dogs, as usual- but, again, you would have to tell me what to feed them& how much canned.

laura h

Carol, i can do the mp room and FeLV cats wed. morning after i drop the kids off at school


yeah TAMMY!! so did you see scappy today? Mom said he was purring up a storm ... is he still acting weird?