Animal Updates


Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2010

i left the cars at the vets...cali is having a biopsy on that weird reoccuring sore and a convenia injection and peanut is getting some sc fluids and bloodwork.

Ok come and get your "cars" then. We are ready to come home ... all fixed.

scrappy's bloodwork is back..he is in the beginning stages of diabetes and has a minor infection somewhere. the vet will figure out an insulin dose for him when i pick the girls up on my way back from chilliwack.

So if I get 2 pokes now ... do I also get 2X more food to go with pokes?
Scrappy and Lotus



yup I added him to the "Gumption" table because he climbed a mountain


jenn i was putting in 20 if baibi gets to be at a table. is that included somewhere.

Jenn Hine

lol yeah what do you mean you left the car at the vets? ... awe poor scrappy I figured that was what it was ... with the being so lethargic, the peeing, and of course his very round figure. I hope he is back to his peppy self soon!!!