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the complaints department.

Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2010

saints does have a complaints like any complaints department..i prioritize complaints..

level one...pretty damn stupid complaint and someone needs a life.

level two...ok, there is maybe some merit but given the reality of rescue, what the hell do you want me to do about it?

level three...ok..this is a legitimate complaint and i will try to do something about it.... but no guarantee.

level four...this is actually important and i will find something to fix this.

level actual saints animal complaint..and i don't care what the hell they are complaining will be rectified IMMEDIATELY.


the barn yard guys have banned together to collectively voice their displeasure regarding not only the relocation of the goat house from their riding ring BUT the following kidnapping and unconstitutional confinement of the goats to the shed's new location.

Pete in front of said shed
pete and "goat" shed

the cows have said..where the hell is the shed and what have you done with the goats???

Percy and Joy

carl has said...i am not happy that you took it upon yourself to relocate the shed and the goats.


the goats have said...what the heck have we done to have both our house and ourselves put over here where we do not belong????


i went to each one individually and heard and took note of their complaints. i have asked them to be patient until tomorrow when we will move the goats into the riding rings goat pen.

i have profusely apologised for my overstepping my bounds.

AND i have promised them not only a brand new goat/llama house/undercover area, accessible to them from the riding ring...but i offered to toss in a second sheltered area over in the corner where the house once stood if they will just be patient and please forgive.

level 1,2,3, or4 complaints ain't never going to cause me as much heart felt guilt or get me to jump thru a bunch of retribution hoops as a level five....emily said it best tonight..."you took away my friends and now i have no one to play with tonight."

geez emmy..i am really sorry, i did not think this thru very good.



Carol your cruise control should turn off as soon as you tap the brakes... so if your vehicle is still surging forward you need to get that checked... on another note never ever have your cruise on when it's raining , if there is enough rain the vehicle does not register the wheels on the pavemanet and can shoot you forward like a carnival ride .. i believe in newer cars the cruise will not turn on if the wipers are going in order to avoid this. I do not want to have to stop & help pull you out of a water filled ditch !!


it was pretty hard to miss..the cows and carl together, of one mind (with NO spitting going on)...milling around the empty goat shed location then moving on to the gate closest to the goatS.... all of them staring right at me relentlessly (instead of finishing off their hay and settling for sleep) and the cows moaning softly in unison depair. carl was in fact giving me the "disappointed in me" hard look and the goats were ALL at the gates bawling their distress.

i would have to be a moron NOT to get their collective message....while the changes may have looked initially interesting to them, when the reality one was happy with the changes in THEIR barn yard so i should fix this asap.


Knowing PERCY and GILBERT there was probably alot of noise ... CARL probably gave Carol death stares ....

Mauro Salles

That's amazing!


How do they behave? Do they make too much noise, stop eating or something? Walkout? Protest march?


"apologised for my overstepping my bounds" - always good to know one's boundaries!