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larry is home

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2010

and i want to talk about that. we as humans make these assumptions on what we think animals need.

sometimes these assumptions are totally stupid dog LIKES sitting outside all alone in the dark in the freezing and pouring down rain. or the one i heard yesterday...i don't want to neuter my 6 month old dog til he is at least two years old because i don't want him to grow up to be a midget. then there is..females are healthier and nicer dogs if they get to have at least one litter.

and sometimes these assumptions are based on intelligent common sense....homeless shelter dogs would be happier in a very good home of their own. i believe this...most of the time.... except in the cases like... maude, andy, al, squirt, phoebe, and maybe kodi..he really does need a whack of dogs to chase around and herd.....and others now cleo, jazz, jesse, buddy, sissy and clyde. i think these dogs do better here because instead of living by human expectations, schedules and rules...they live by their own unique wants and needs which i encourage them to self-actualize....(ie...i spoil them rotten and stuff their faces full of all kinds of things that normal dogs don't get to eat!)..(one day..i will get at least one dog to actually like jello....i am working really hard to eventually achieve this.)

i am adding larry to the permanent sanctuary dog list. larry really does want saints to be his last home. sure he will miss out on a one to one kind of family, he will miss out on a ton of daily walks or trips to the dog park, he won't be bathed or groomed every six weeks, he won't ever go on vacation or celebrate a holiday in his family short he won't ever have a loving and normal home of his very own.

maybe he doesn't want it cuz he has never had it. maybe he can't miss or yearn for what was never there. maybe saints was the very first place that he ever felt he belonged or fit in and that was why he wanted to come back. i have no idea what was in larry's head, all i know is that he is content to be where he thinks he should be.

i pulled out my old computer chair and made him a comfortable bed so he can be next to me while i blog about him. normally he stands up on his hind legs, lays his head in my lap and wobbles a bit while i write. tonight...he is laying in his own computer chair with his head on my lap and his belly full of his favorite...santa fe rice (i share it with him when i make it because i tell him he looks like a third world mexican dog....maybe he knew i had a box in the freezer and that was why he wanted to come home.)

Muchas Gracias. Muy delicioso

in any case, my point is this...despite what i thought, despite what colleen thought....larry thought differently then either of us. and somehow larry knew that he could and would have his own way even if he had to make his point by eating door frames or trying to bust out thru the door.

personally i think he made a mistake cuz i sure as shit would pick colleen's house over this one.....hmmmm...if i am going to be honest....maybe i wouldn't.

there is something here at saints that fills me up inside, that makes me feel that this shelter for the old and my own true home. maybe larry feels the same about this as i do...for all of the mess, for all of the chaos, for all of the bodies around us 24/7..maybe larry feels the absolute rightness for him here...just like i each his own.

just goes to show you we don't always know what is best for the animals in our care...sometimes we have to stop, listen and let them have their say and let them pick what they want, even if we think they are picking wrong.

but....i am pretty damn happy that larry did want to come back because i was really missing my favorite homely old dog.


Colleen Bridges

Aw Lynne! I do love Perdy too! She's really beautiful and so sweet, but she wouldn't be right in our home.


sorry but not perdy...she goes to a no other dog home only...she is highly food aggressive with both cats and dogs, and probably small children too(she went after bond today for crossing the floor while she was eating.) and she is highly aggresive to dogs she does not know tiny or big, she just doesn't care. she can be unpredictable and she has proven herself still aggressive by jumping both maude and esther in the past few she could easily be injured herself if she goes after the wrong dog (like tyra) because she is so old with a very weak back end. she lives in the laundry area for a not only protect the others but to protect herself too. that is why there are rules around others moving her out of that area to go outside and those rules for her are not likely to change.
i don't want folks to forget that perdy can be dangerous and then suddenly remember after someone got hurt.


hey jenn sometimes they will get along with another dog. perdy was stuck in there with lots of dogs and also behind a gate. lots of times they will get along with another dog one on one. i had ben and he got along great with my dogs do not assume the worst do not give up on the possi bilities. that is not fair.


What a lucky little fellow to be loved and wanted by so many in his old age. Rather warms my heart seeing the love felt for this old guy, wherever he lives :)


perdy would be out because she wouldn't get along with Colleen's own dog(s) (not sure if it is plural).


you know what, the little dogs are cute, the big dogs not so much. i am afraid that i am a big dog person and t hey deserve just as much a chance as a home as the little ones jeez what is wrong with people


maybe take a great dog like bailey or perdy, sometimes the big dogs get ignored. they would love a home colleen.

Ramona Bourne

Larry is adorable.
I love the comments by Kim about Frodo, as I have seen the pics. of Frodo in the car. That is hilarious. Frodo likes to ride :) God bless all of you for the incredible work you do there. I hope you win the contest and cheers to all the volunteers that make in all happen.

Colleen Bridges


Colleen Bridges

Good tip, Jenn. I took the vids with one of those HD cameras and I'm too stupid to figure out how to shrink the files soooo they should be done uploading in 45 minutes...


Great pics, Colleen. I like the one 2nd from last, where he is looking at you. Sweet.


haha some great pics I love the one of him in the car, toungue out and eyes closed he looks so happy.


colleen you can post the videos to Youtube and then I can put them on the blog.

Colleen Bridges

Erin, you hit the nail on the head. I do feel like an idiot. I tried to give him everything he could want, but what he needs most he couldn't get from me. Sounds like he was going through the same struggle as Bud. I know it's irrational, but I feel like I failed. He was happy here when we were home, I swear! Thank you all for understanding...Carol, you made it easier to make the right decision for him.

While I was home tonight pouting and missing Larry, I uploaded some pictures. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the large video files up, because I think everyone should get a chance to see him do his rigor mortis grass roll and watch him too-too-toodle is trying to convince me to buy webspace, but I refuse! Pics are here...


Loved your caption beside Larry, Jenn. You and Carol should collaborate on a book. A Saints book... it would be funny, without even trying to make it funny. Just by it's day to day life. Yes, there is sadness (at times a lot) and difficulty; but there are some hilarious things that happen there that even outshine the sweet...Like Frodo, for instance. I laughed my head off awhile ago when I heard he had jumped into Helga, Mo, Tammy and others cars for a freebe ride. I never told a soul, cause I thought Carol would shoot me, but one day- before I knew Frodo did this, habitually, I went to go home, and same thing! It startled the hell out of me. There, the master was lounging in the sun, lazily in the back, blinking innocently at me.Jeez, I damn near had the big jammer! I was a tad bit afraid to pull him out, cause, this was after he'd showed his Jekyl/Hyde side on Matt, and made mincemeat of his arms. Anyway, when I read Helga's story, I howled! I couldn't believe she had gone all the way to liquidation world with the master on board and didn't know it!

Mauro Salles

I remember this:

"larry is in my lap. larry is very quiet and cute. larry never bites and larry goes outside to pee (unless it is raining.) larry is my favorite dog today…i love larry. he can stay here and everyone else can leave. just me and larry at saints that is a wonderful dream."
Carol Hine, May 11, 2010.

And a great caption (as always) ==> "Love, love me do …"


lol...OR,,maybe he just missed the saints glee club. i was over doing up the mp guys and what do i hear but larry in full (and horrific) voice, out singing the rest of the howling sainted let go like that has got to feel good!
but good lord...there is no doubt that larry's home tonight.

Colleen Donnelly

Welcome back Larry!

"i think he just understood and felt comfortable in this kind of enviroment and he decided to trade off that emotional/physical need for an even bigger need of his..the need to be constantly surrounded and never alone, 24 hours a day."

Cool. Larry has spoken. And Colleen listened. Very VERY cool.

Sorry it didn't work out Colleen.


colleen hope you are ok with larry wanting to go home. i tried to foster little big bud and he wanted no part of that either, all was great while we were home, loneliness was something he just couldnt stand, and saints is much more to his liking. it sucks thinking that we know whats best, or what we think they should want, then we are proven o so wrong. i felt like an idiot, trying to give bud what i thought he wanted, not what he in fact needed. hope your not too hard on yourself! see you this weekend


honestly..i don't think so...he got way more emotional and physical cuddling time (which he craves) with colleen than he does with me..i think he just understood and felt comfortable in this kind of enviroment and he decided to trade off that emotional/physical need for an even bigger need of his..the need to be constantly surrounded and never alone, 24 hours a day.

you can damn well bet the second colleen shows up here again, larry is gonna have his cake and eat it too....she ain't going to get any work done cuz larry is gonna be making a bee-line directly for her lap....the dog is not stupid...he knows he can have it all....he just has to do is ask.


maybe Larry didn't come home to SAINTS, Carol... maybe he came home to YOU!


A sense of home is illusive for many of us. Congratulations to Larry for finding his and to Carol and Colleen for listening.

Beverley Wristen

God Bless You Larry. Happy Homecoming. God Bless you too Carol. Larry knows how good you are and missed you so and all of his SAINTS. So now he is home and has a happy ending.