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Carol  ·  Jun. 10, 2010

i think i am feeling dizziness since early this afternoon so i guess i won't try out the stupid call in sick thing again which is just as well cuz i was already pissed off once, don't need a repeat.

we are up to five diabetics....most of them are really good about daily double poking as long as their face is busy in a food bowl (but not caspar..he still has to be muzzled.) one enjoys being a diabetic more than griffin...he absolutely lives for his pokey-man food. i was in poking the bed buddy diabetics and griffin knew it and was screaming and tossing himself against the bedroom door. that dog sure loves his insulin..or at least he loves the food that goes along with it. when i came out of the bedroom, he took off in high speed and skidded across the room to his bed..that would be where the feeding/poking is happening and griffin was in a huge hurry to get to it. funny dog!

Viva La ... Poke-man?

i was thinking of putting maple and peanut down today...neither of them had a good day yesterday. but when i checked them early this morning, they were both back to normal (for them) so i decided to not interfer. tonight i am glad because i think they both had quite decent days and i know that there are not many left for them.

i spent a good portion of today in my computer chair where dizziness does not dwell and surfed thru the almost 30 resumes that have come in for the part time job in just 24 hours. the print ads in the papers are not even out until the weekend...these all came from a craigs list ad that angelina did for me. it was a lot of resumes to sort thru. i will be working around creating a short list and inviting prospectives up for a tour and a meet and greet before we get down to actual interviews.

this place is unique..the job is complex..i want to make sure we pick for the saints guys the best of the best to look after is a big responsibility AND it is worrisome because we don't have a lot of time left due to getting a slow start on posting the job....ah well...we will get thru this, but i will worry until we do.

larry has settled back in night time restlessness or panting, no door bolting or eating of door frames....just little larry toddling around, making sure he gets what he wants by looking cute in his own special way.

angelina shaved down merry yesterday....she is even more homely than she was before. i think colleen should spend some time with her...she would be a really good friend to colleen's other dog and she is smart enough to know a good deal when she crawls in her lap....AND she is actually more homely than larry but instead of to-to-to-to'ing...she steps, limps, step, limps, step, hop and limps again....she looks like an old grey hobbit with whiskers and really bad skin.

well i must say that everyone around here totally enjoyed my sick day. i pretty much just stayed in the house and toddled around slowly doing what absolutely had to be done which included a lot of baby talking to a bunch of old wrecked animals.

they liked that a lot.



i am only working for the 4 hours each day next week so will try to get up and do the windows. they always need a clean , maybe spider webs being taken down and just some general odd jobs. hopefully some more people will show up tomorrow, if not we can get it done during the week. it always works out.


HI lynne that is too bad about your knee I hope it is not too painful. About the clean up party ... I dont know if there is going to be much of a party as there has been little response on anyone coming except us usual cleaners. I am trying to suck my boyfriend into coming but he is resistant. Therefore I would not worry about making anything, honstely lynne. You just rest that knee and focus on getting healthy. I have booked of the 2 days before the openhouse so whatever does not get done tomorrow I can help mom do next thursday/friday.


sorry me again. i love those videos of larry the way he trots along is just too cute. i too have some videos to post but do not know how. great ones of jewel, oka jed jesse lexi the barn animals i have a great video of jeanette and us helping her up into the field.. help collen maybe you can show me how.


i went to the docs today and she said it will be at least another 3 weeks to heal. i am going back to work mon but only for 4 hours and only inside. i will come up tomorrow after i go to the hospital for some lab work, but will have to do light jobs. miss everyone at saints, looking forward to tomorrow. food jenn food.


jenn have you got much food coming tomorrow for the clean up party. if there is something special that i can bring let me know. i will abe there at 900 and have to leave by 12 15 for my appt. please blog so i can make something up.

Colleen Bridges

So happy for Larry! It makes me feel much better knowing that he's back where he's comfortable, and that we didn't keep him away long enough to wreck him at Saints too.

Carol, are you trying to capitalize on my soft spot for homely dogs? I do love the oooogly ones...