Rescue Journal

peanut was euthanized today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2010

she really was not feeling well again so i decided to let her go. peanut was an incredibly sweet and gentle cat. she laid on my lap while i sat on the floor in the exam room, waiting for the vet to come in. she was not afraid, she was a little bit curious but mostly just content to sit with me.

the really sad thing about this is...peanut ended up in the SPCA about a month ago..her family was moving to some where she could not go. we saw her the day she came in and she was pretty upset.

it would have been so much better for peanut if her family had taken her into the vet and gotten her an exam and maybe some bloodwork before leaving her at the shelter. i am sure had they known that her time left was very short, they would have helped her to pass away then.

in the last month, peanut has had to deal with the loss of her life long home and family. she had to deal with her terror when she suddenly found herself alone in a cage at a shelter. she had to make the huge adjustment in coming to saints and finding her contentment and trust in people again...that is a lot for a little and elderly and sick cat to have to deal with in her very last month of life.

rest in peace peanut, you handled everything that life threw at you, bravely and with were a very good and very strong little cat....i really did not realize until today, how much i am truly going to miss you.



an update on cali..

the biopsy is back..i am afraid i was right. that reoccuring sore on her neck is a moderately aggressive basal cell carcinoma. the pathology shows already lymph node involvement. surgery is out because she would need deep and wide, healthy surgical margins and where it is, there just is not enough tissue for that.

we will start her on some steriods and see how she does. sadly, cali-cat is now palliative care.



Sorry to hear about Peanut and Cali. I will be sure to give Cali extra pets when I go in. She is such a friendly, warm little cat.

Colleen Donnelly

Ahhhh Cali. Beautiful sweet sweet puss. She's a constant visitor when I visit Chewie.

I never got to know Peanut.


So sorry to hear about Peanut, I will really miss her. She was such a nice little cat. She had such a gentle and quiet purr and always enjoyed the attention when you sat with her.
Sad to hear about Cali. She's a beautiful girl. I love seeing her looking out the bunny room window when I arrive.