Rescue Journal

day three of my holidays...

Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2010

and geezus i am more bagged then i was working and doing saints at the same time. and honestly it is freaking me out because i haven't even done anything yet except stress out about what i need to get done. i woke up this morning and my first thought was...oh gawd... i cannot get out of bed...i should call in sick...oh, wait, i am on vacation..i can't call in sick for my holidays...shit.

who in their right mind needs a sick day from a vacation? scary.

today there are 4 vet appointments...lil big bud, sammy, scrappy and dusty...and one final potential tour before hopefully the first (and last) round of formal short listed interviews. the ads are running for 2 weeks so if we don't find the very right person this time around...we will move into round two...that might possibly kill me and then we are hooped.

hiring for saints totally freaks me out and every time we have to do this i forget how stressful i find the whole hiring process and training. we are pretty lucky that the last time we had to hire folks i didn't know and trust was more than 3 years ago.

and it sucks hiring as a donation/fundraising based non profit...because the folks who actually work here and give it their all, deserve a lot more in wages then we can pay. so somehow we have to find those rare individuals who either don't need higher wages to be comfortable, but also want to work here so badly, they don't really care what ultimately their paycheque is.

not easy.

it just occurs to me that i cannot fit the animals in my van because it is currently overflowing with donated stuff..i better go unload it...the vet appointments start soon...i will come back later and whine about how much more stuff i have to do that is freaking me getting ready for the open house...yikes!!!!


Jenn Hine

um this is only DAY 2 of your holidays actually. It is monday ... don't worry I have holidays on thursday friday to specifically help you et ready for the open house. All YOU need to do it the "organizing" I will do the cleaning.