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this is how i know i am not a saint...

Carol  ·  Jun. 15, 2010

last evening when i went to do the bedtime meds...i suddenly missed little big bud. he was not in the bedroom so i looked outside to see if he was having one of his very long pee' little big bud out there... which meant...oh shit, i left that poor dog in the back seat when we got home from the vets.

he sat patiently in the back seat for 2 hours before i remembered that i forgot to get him out of the van.

You don't "lil' big" SUCK. You BIG BIG suck. But the Driveway is still better than the vets. Just don't let it happen again
lil big bud

real saints are not stupid nor forgetful like i am...and they do not get distracted as soon as they hit the driveway and leave poor little fat dogs alone in their vans til med time jogs their memory....sorry bud, i sucked big time last evening.

this is how i know i am not crazy....because there are some pretty amazing people hanging around here...and these amazing people do not hang out with crazies so as long as they continue to hang around i think i am pretty safe...even if i am stupid and forgetful.

i also forgot that lucy was coming to stay for a week. i quickly remembered when she showed up this was a good thing i was home tonight.

and i got totally confused about the whole douglas college vet assistent student program too...i thought they were done here for the summer...apparently not because the class showed up first thing this morning....what was that? my third big ooops in 24 hours?

poppy and sammy did well with their surgeries today but they did have to stay in the vets overnight (good thing because i might have forgotten to pick them up!) oh...and poppy's xray showed no obvious lesions from her mammary tumour into the lungs...yay poppy!

the back yard is done and ready for the open looks very pretty back there right now. tonight i am behind on the rest of my list because we just finished the last of the first set of formal interviews. good lord can i finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for the hiring someone???

i am glad this is a group endeavor now and a group decision because quite frankly i suck at one key ingredient in all of this. once i get to know someone and once i get to really start to like people...i just want to hire everybody i like..well good luck with that one...we interviewed 6 really good and kind and intelligent people tonight for one little part time job.

donald trump should give us a ton of money so we can hire a bunch of great folks who each would bring something pretty special to our equally special maybe a better memory than mine!

speaking of work...tonight i still have to de-junk the kitchen, de-junk my closet and dresser, clean the bathroom, do up my laundry which is really piling up and put it all away in the space i am about to create.

i made my to-do list on a napkin at dinner tonight when i was feeling quite optimistic and i am going to stick to it the best that i can....just goes to show you..pessimism on my part would probably mean a bit more sleep.

sooooo..i had better move my optimistic ass...too bad i did not forget what i put on that list.

my final unsaintly thought for the night and definitely not crazy if you had to live with this dog is....instead of stupid, i wish i were a deaf, then i could not hear esther bitching at me for more cookies.

gawd esther, give me a freaking cookie slave break, i have a ton of stuff to do!

But I though you were the Saint of Cookies




too funny...renee and i watched the video with esther on the same couch, in the exact same position making the very same noises behind us as we watched her do it the very same way on the computer screen.
good lord..puts a whole new meaning to surround sound...esther in stereo..i may just shoot myself soon.

Colleen Bridges

Here's a video of Esther's cookie bitching from this past weekend. Now everyone can share in Carol's least for 2 minutes :)