Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2010

2 days before the god damn open house..the god damn house washing machine dies. it is not under warranty any more because the warranties are only good for 3 months on commercial use and we are a few months past that.

i had our regular repair guys out first thing and they said the contol panel is gone and to call sears cuz that is where the machine came from. i dutifully called and sears MAY come out in the next 2 or 3 days which doesn't help me out in the god damn freaking least.


i have hung myself in effigy in the doorway of the shop.

Found this while cleaning the shop. We hung her by her belt and tried to play a trick on Angelina ... but she thought it was more comedy then horror ...



Colleen, Carol replied to you on the chance post for some reason ...haha.

Laura, I can't believe she was going to do that to you ... for someone who doesn't like to be scared (i.e. like refuses to watch any suspence or movie where anything bad happens) .. she sure gets a lot of enjoyment out of scaring people eh? Now you don't feel so bad about the trick I played on her at the Pub Night ... about having to shave her hair to get the money. Here is the post she wrote about it form YOUR enjoyment ...


Carol you're so I know why you were telling me to go check out the shop while I was up there running the wanted to scare the crap out of me...fortunately I didn't go. I now see your

Colleen Bridges

I'll be there early both days - hopefully around 8. And I'm bringing cupcakes.

Do you need plates, napkins, glasses, etc? Maybe post a list of what's missing and I can pick up whatever you need.

Brenda McCormick

I'll be bringing 2 vege platters and dip on Sunday - don't worry!


I am planning on bringing a veggie platter for both days, do you need anything else? Lynne I will be there at 7.30 on Sat.


do not forget that i will be by there in the am to get laundry. do not make me come up there for nothing. lol


i am going to find the me-effigy some jeans and a flannel shirt so she looks just like me (i would never wear that dress she has on but her hair is just as messed up as mine is already.)
AND i am leaving her hanging until we have a working house washing totally SUCKS moving 20 loads of stinky gross laundry out to the shop and then back to the house again once it is clean.
it makes me sort of happy to carry it past the almost-me doing nothing much except hanging around.
AND...if it freaking rains this weekend, i am going to give her an umbrella to hang around with.
jeez...yesterday the weather network said partially cloudy, some sun but NO RAIN for the weekend...i was counting on that.

Brenda McCormick

Yes I am bringing veges and dips on Sunday, and I will be there by 7:30. Sorry, I can't do anything about the laundry. What a pain in the ass! I hope the weather report brightens up for the weekend. It was great to see Chance with his new wheels - what a trooper!


Lynne I have also found some nice blankets in the shop to use for the open house. I will be there early as well probably 8am and I am bringing ice both days to keep the drinks cold.

Yes do not forget because Mom today was saying she was going to go to Costco to buy food for the open house and Tammy and I scolded her ... she specifically said she wanted to buy veggie platters and I specifically told her NO WAY!!! Lynne is bringing one on sat and Brenda is bring one for sunday!!!!


it is too late for me to come by tonight as i just got homp from work, physiotherapy and walking my insame crew of dogs. i go to work at 11 tomorrow, bundle up the laundry and put it outside, i will take it all home and get laundry on sat and sun. i will have to come by at 730 on sat as i will not be able to get the windows done before then. can people blog as to when they are coming to help out. i would like to just spend time in the big dog room and carols room to clean up and get the windows done, etc brenda do not forget the veggie platter on sun. lol. hope to hear from all soon.


What an excellent story on Chance. He sure lives up to the possibilities suggested in his name. That was so unreal that he didn't need any training to get going on his new set of legs; just started booting around! What a little heart breaker Chance is, loved the way he looked directly at the camera; so proud of himself! Yay Chance!

Colleen Bridges

Aw crap, hey? Carol - say the word and I can load up the laundry and get it done at a laundromat lickety split.


Hey all you Chance fans...great news!!! Chance got his wheelchair and loves it! Check out our blog for the video of his first go at independance