Animal Updates

my back is out and i am in an unhappy mood so i am just posting quickly before i go to bed so the other volunteers can comment on today's open house for you.

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2010

the day went well, lots of great folks thru...all of us were tired and the animals were really good.

it ended badly tho..once everyone was gone, i went up into the laundry room to grab another blanket for phoebe. i did not see suzie slip thru the gate with me until perdy had her by the head. i rushed her to the vets, she had emergency eye surgery to suture her partially popped out eye back in again (this can be a problem for chihauhua's and their buggy eyes).. i am sick about this...suzie is notorius for slipping thru gates..she may be fat but she is fast and very tricky to boot...and i should have been more careful but i wasn'tpaying attention. so much for warning everyone last week to be careful around perdy when i am the one that let suzie get hurt.
i will pick her up from the vets sometime tomorrow.
hopefully she will forgive me for not being more alert. i am so sorry suze.

I am sorry too but I missed you so much today ...
I am also sorry but I have issues ...

Hey it's not anyone in particular's fault. Jenn asked Carol to get me a better blanket ... isn't this what Carol likes to call "the ripple effect"



Happy to say I gave all three of these guys a scratch today. I so wanted to pick Suzie up, she had to be among my faves. Upon reading her bio when I returned home it is probably a good thing I didn't! Sweet girl regardless.

Again, so wonderful to have visited Saints after reading about you all so much on the blog these past few months. Thank you.


Yup the weather was great the turn out was decent and I got to see some friends (foster saints and people friends) come out. I am tired and willing to do it again today so long as the rain holds off ... overcast is not as good as blue skies but it is definately better than rain.

I also saw Merry stomping around the place like she owned it and that was cute ... giving Daphne a run for her money in terms of that and perhaps even Larry in terms of being Carol's favorite most homely dog.