Rescue Journal

ya gotta love headache after another...and three more forgotten things.

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2010

i forgot the douglas college students again til they arrived here at 9 am...what is wrong with me?
i forgot the ferrier was coming and i forgot i had called the plumbers to come and fix the barn leak too....triple duh...this brain is no longer functioning is getting over used and abused much too often now.

brutus is doing quite well...sweet cat...likes to be petted, certainly likes his food (and i LOVE new cats who eat well during their adjustments) and is a little purring machine. i cannot ask for more than that on his second day here. he is incontinent of loose stool in his bed..i am assuming that is a left over from his previous pelvic injury...but hey, considering what he has come is no problem at all to keep him supplied with clean and comfy beds...he deserves at least that much care and comfort now.

finally ruby is adjusting..she has been out and motoring around the medical room...and there is another sweet little homeless cat who deserved much better than humans ever gave her. i did hear that the issue of ruby came up at the rescue's AGM....everyone seemed to accept the fact that because maple ridge spca had agreed to take her, her being turned away from her original rescue was not really a problem.
sorry..i beg to differ...if adoptors are expected to honor the adoption contract they signed at time of adoption then i would expect that the rescues are willing to honor their part of the contract and not pawn the cats off on someone else.

but then what do i know?...maybe i am just stupid in responsible rescue and everyone else who pulls this shit is much smarter and up to date on current rescue practices than me...still...on behalf of the sweet and innocent ruby, as a dinosaur in rescue.....i am still quite pissed off about the whole freaking thing.

the hiring process is not going well....the potentials are dropping like flies...a couple of trial shifts here and it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the job of their dreams.

i think it beats mindlessly flipping least there is actual value and purpose in doing something but then again...saints is not for everyone....if it was we wouldn't always be looking for those extra special kind of folks.

oh well..i refuse to stress over this any more...i can manage that area on my own even when working with helga, kim, and tammy's help...i have faith that the absolute right person will come here and really WANT to help take care of the animals there.

it is a learning process tho..i need to check a few extra things out before i invite people up they have a car? are they actually available for the exact hours of the job without negotiating changes and can they handle the cleaning with bleach? because any problems with these are an automatic deal breaker anyway despite how much they like animals.
oh well and learn, i am not just looking for nice people..i am looking for people who can and will be able to not only do the job that we need done but can really enjoy doing it too.

tyra is still low....but i don't think she is mad at me any more...i think she is just getting old....that really sucks big time....where have all our years together gone? that boggles my mind.

anyway..unless i get another bee in my bonnet, or feel like waxing in poetic airy fairy land again tonight...i think i am done with blogging for was a reality check....get some rest and unfry the brain....decent brains are important in rescue or else you're just stupid and what good is that to the animals i ask?



Actually ... dont know when I'll be able to make it out this weekend :( I have another place I volunteer for all day saturday (8-4) in New Westminster and then Sunday is my Sister's wedding shower ... I wish weekends were longer.


I had the pleasure to meet Brutus yesterday, such a nice boy. So glad he finally found his home.
Ruby is such a lap cat. She loves to come out and sit with you and just laps up the petting. Glad all are doing well.

Mauro Salles

Ditto Colleen.

And here comes blind faith again: just do what needs to be done, however difficult it may seem.

Colleen Donnelly

The right person for that area will come along. I do believe that he/she's resume is sitting in your computer right now. Hey, I KNOW Renee and I are not the only people that would ( and do! ) feel fulfilled with our positions.

Carol said "i have faith that the absolute right person will come here and really WANT to help take care of the animals there."

The word *want* is so very important. It's an outside of yourself position. It has absolutely nothing to do with you, it has to do with tending to the daily needs of critters who depend on you to do what's healthy, safe and right for them. ( did that make sense? )

But what they will gain is daily heart smiles. That's enough!