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anyway...i am going to stop thinking about money and think about someone else who came into my mind today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2010

after i settled the mp building to bed, i sat with dusty and lucky for a bit and watched some of the video that jenn made for the fundraiser last year.

most of those animals are gone now...cole, felix, max, bruce, clara, jewel, kissy and many more on that video have passed away since then.

but it was spritely who got me. seeing her up on that screen and as always, she took my breath away. and i remembered looking at her every single day for years when she was alive and feeling her absolute beauty steal the breath right out of my chest.

every day...every single day when i looked at her, the first thing i always thought was ...god, you are so beautiful.


i miss that..i miss her. i miss her coppery shining in the sun. i miss her huge, liquid brown eyes looking down on me.

i miss yelling at her when i caught her running across the field, and i miss the touch and feel and smell of her.

spritely was an incredible was like god took all of the most exquisite beauty from the whole entire world and put it all together inside and out in one magnificent copper-colored spritely mare. if it wasn't for that just one really bad leg..she was perfection in every way.


i am glad jenn made that video...i can re-visit spritely and jewel and all of the others who have gone away. but it hurts me too..i see so closely what i have lost in these past 12 months.

god gives you an amazing gift of someone like spritely...but only for a little while...and then he takes her back again...

i hope there really is a god, and i hope there really is a heaven too...cuz if i could just spend an eternity just looking at her again...i would be really happy.

Spritely's Windchime in the Memorial Garden
spritley's windchime



I'm really glad it was me, and not Carol, who received the surprise urine shampoo. Truly!!


oh Brenda! haha sorry I shouldn't laugh but you were such a good sport about it! I wonder is Dixie was secretly hoping it was Carol who had decided to change the matt!! haha.


Heads up to weekend volunteers: I am not able to come this weekend at all - but I am coming on Monday morning this week (due to a schedule change at work) so hopefully that helps with Angelina gone. I emailed Carol and let her know too. I will be very careful from now on when I check the blanket/mat on the shelf above the closet where Dixie Chick hangs out. Febreeze only goes so far!

Colleen Bridges

Carol - I volunteer my farm boy for tractor duties and for the well being of your back. Let us know when you need it done.


That is so precious to have...I might recommend it for lots of folks with family too..we just celebrated my mother in laws 80 birthday..she is diagnosed with acute leukemia and has been given a short diagnosis..for her party the family put together a DVD like yours of family photos over the years, some scanned etc..along with the music it played while the party was ongoing..everyone so enjoyed it..laughing at pictures of her sons as children, all the various pets over the years, wedding pictures that are 30 years old, grandchildren great friends and travel..and best of all so many happy smiley pictures of her and her isn't hard to do and something we all will have to treasure for years..she says she sits and watches it alot and every time sees something new..we will also have it when the time comes for her celebration of life rite..