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Mission City Record - SAINTS to the rescue

 ·  Jun. 23, 2010

(From Jenn)

EXTRA EXTRA! Carol, Merry, Larry, Casper and the King sized bed are famous.

Mission City Record - SAINTS to the rescue.



oh yeah ... that would be fantastic Helga thanks.
would anyone be so kind as to scan the modern dog spread and email that to me as well???? YOU'RE THE BEST.


Hi Jennn. I looked on the '' website and couldn't find it either. Scanned the article. Can I e-mail it to you?


Or is there an Abbotsford Times too? At any rate it was the June 22 paper.


Actually, Chance was in the Mission Times June 22 edition - a really nice shot of him with Priscilla Lo.


Yay! You guys look quite cozy...Chance somehow ended up in the Abbotsford paper too...don't know the link but someone dropped it off at my door step!


okay, Colleen- I'm assuming it's about your favorite star in the field: Gideon. Or, is it about Ticket? I'm sure you would have an interesting tale to tell. And if you need photos, you'll have to visit Jenn. She is great with her handy dandy camera.

Colleen Donnelly

Excellent write up for you Kim! And now I know who to go to when I am ready with a book...Calico Books! :)

Jenn Hine

yup there you are
great article and picture!

Julie Hartland (one of the guardian angel's --they do the green thumb plant sale) is also in the record recently because she won a community service award


My interview for my book "ABC in Harmony" is in the same paper (in the Arts section). Saints was mentioned in my interview, too.


haha Colleen I better keep my mouth shut and not say what I am thinking in this instance .... so anyways, yeah Merry and Larry look VERY happy and even Carol is smiling but Casper looks sulky--typical poodle.

Colleen B

Oh! My favorite homelies! I'm talking about Larry and Merry...not you, Carol :) You're a favorite, but not a homely one.


for CHANCE fans ... read all about HIS day at the Open House and going to his foster mom's work for the day

Lynne & Scott (and Spot, of course)

What I said was...I heart Larry...but the web editor missed a word because I put it in brackets.

Lynne & Scott (and Spot, of course)

Can I say that I Larry...always have...always will.