Animal Updates

the paranoid ones....

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2010

a big scary truck pulled into the driveway today..right in front of the shop. percy ran up to the gate and started bawling right away...convinced this was the dead barn animal truck which steals away his friends. over his lifetime, he has gotten to know the sound of that truck pretty well....jeanette, spot, spritely, todd and sparkles all went away in that truck...and percy is a bit of a worry wart when he hears that big engine sound.

Bah! Big scary truck ... MOOoooooove along

today however it was not the dead barn animal truck that pulled into our was the now fixed washer machine truck that was bringing our machine home again... not taking anyone away. i explained the difference to percy...i think he wanted me to produce chewie as proof who was already back in the rabbit room following his field foray. he can see him tomorrrow..chewie is fine where he is til morning.

I AM fine, more or less.

i just got home with dusty...her bloodsugars are finally under good control. while i was there my daughter lindsey brought marshmellow in... who she is fostering...we got him a lion cut for summer this week. apparently bella her crazy psycho cat decided that the new cute marshmellow was not the same marshmellow cat she knew poked him in the eye. luckily she did not perforate the cornea so he will continue to be able to see.

Good thing I'm blind otherwise I might have eaten that funny looking furball for breakfast!

i said to keep them separate til they move next then bella will be so upset and twistedly fascinated by their new house...she will forget that she doesn't know who that cat with the funny haircut is.

hopefully that works because we spent a lot of money to restore marshmellows sight and i do not want bella wrecking that because she is a freakout who whacks before she thinks.

tyra just refused a piece of pizza that i brought home for her...i will see if i can get her into the vets for a check up she did eat a big bowl of canned food and pepperoni treats so i know she is not starving to death....but she has never turned down pizza...this really worries me.

upon reflection of my younger more trimmer self .. I may or may not be watching my weight OK



Nudge will soon be sporting her annual summer lion cut too like Marshmellow. No doubt she will be a laughing stock to the rest but at least she will be cool and she loves it! She thinks she's all that and a bag of temptations when she's been shaved. I leave her tail bushy though as my neighbor said her cats tail never grew back the same. The other cats get jealous.

Colleen Donnelly

I walked across the riding ring to see what Percy was bawling about. That damn truck. I say deliveries by big loud trucks should be made 1/2 block away ( or if possible through the house driveway so he doesn't see it ) so he doesn't stress like he does. Watching him worry about that truck got my guts in a knot.

C'mon Tyra....shake off whatever has you down!!