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Carol  ·  Jun. 27, 2010

i wasn't sure how i was going to get thru the spectra volunteer day yesterday but i did ok as long as no one mentioned tyra or was too nice to me.

the spectra folks have been coming to saints for five years now..they built our original shavings bin, they built the original large under cover area in the riding ring, they built the memorial garden and the back room cats outside area.

this year they worked on closing in the new goat house and trussing the soon to be new undercover area for the barn year they paint our white fences. saints has been able to have all of these things because every year the spectra energy folks come out and build them for us.

they truly are wonderfully kind and giving people and this year they brought some vancouver foundation people out with them too...more wonderful people...the saints animals are pretty darn lucky to have them all helping us every year.

i know i was not really with it yesterday but i did want to say how grateful we are to them.

Carol and some of the Spectra Energy Volunteers
Carol and Spectra EnergySpectra Energy

Paluchie and Daphne official SAINTS ambassadors
Spectra Energy

Spectra building the new goat area and Chewie thanking them
Spectra EnergySpectra Energy

New undercover area framing done and bright white fences
New undercover area

today i had to leave early from here, i was hosting my daughter's bride and groom party (this was instead of a wedding shower) jenn helped me get all of the food last evening so all i had to do when i got into town was put it all together.
i think it went ok..lindsey and cam seemed happy.

the volunteers held it together today...poor lynne was in the house on her own with only her young friend as a helper.

when i got home colleen said czar was acting funny at bedtime so i checked him and it looks like he might be starting to colic. i gave him some quatrisol and walked him for half an hour...and between her and i we will alternate and continue to walk him every hour until he moves his bowels...which is hopefully soon so we both can get some sleep tonight.

this evening i moved chewie into the empty backyard pen and he really seems to like his new little house and yard. he can still come out with the barn guys during the day but i think he wanted something more private and personal for bed time. thank you to whoever set it up so nicely for him today...he said at bedtime that it was perfect and he liked it a lot.

and i see that quiet has a new house today too..thank you mama duck and whoever helped you.

i did the rounds of checking on everyone...those new rabbits seem to have problems keeping their food and water in their bowls. they are needing lots of top ups because they keep knocking things over. they are not used to having anything in their cages so they are amusing themselves with tossing their stuff around. i am hoping they get bored of that soon. tammy probably wanted to kill me by the time she finished cleaning all of the pens and cages...ooops sorry. but i will have to do them all tomorrow so i will share her pain.

Some of the new bunnies understanding the difference between high and low now
New RabbitsNew Rabbits

the new chickens look good...they are all out now and scratching around and doing what normal hens do. watching them does feel is nice they get to be real chickens and not just hanging egg producers in wire cages.

The new Chickens are wary at first ...

New Chickens

What is out here ... so far so good ...
New ChickensNew Chickens

amos still occasionally calls out. we think his neck might be a little bit strained from dragging a chain around. hopefully now that the weight is gone, his neck will not be so tired and sore. i wish he did not have to be confined in a pen but he does until his gelding and his hormones settle down.

I sound like an airhorn


tomorrow is shearing the sheep and carl day..i find it quite stressful..but at least i will have three very busy days in a row to help keep my mind off my sadness. i cry whenever i am driving or alone but eventually i hope will run out of tears.

i am back to work on tuesday so that will help keep my mind occupied elsewhere too.

i will probably get myself together again but for now i will just fake it til i eventually make it is the only plan i can think of right now anyway...maybe i will think of a better plan later.



Colleen B

Wonderful news about Maria! I hope to meet her soon.

I'm guessing you won't have staff on Canada Day? I'll be there to help out.

Marie Bellemare

ok now I'm at work and my eyes are filled with tears... (again) I am so touched by that last picture of Tyra just above Carol, cause that's how I feel it, once they are gone, they don't really leave us, they watch over us... ah those 2 pics together are something to look at right now... Jenn, I give you a big hug... cause you're one of a kind too girl ! ah and yay for czar !!!

Jenn Hine

I know it must be especially hard to be in that house right now ... I miss Tyra lots too and I also regret not giving her more love and affection and special attention. She was one of a kind.


I left a bag of small quilts and 1 and a half bottles of metacam(large one) at Eastridge for you. I also dropped off the towels...they are actually bigger than I thought...maybe check them out. They will give them to Katies or the Spca if you don't want.


the good news is...maria has accepted the job at saints
she starts tomorrow (but will need some help)..welcome maria to the saints caregiving crew.

the other good news is...czar has pooped which means colleen and i can sleep tonight.

the bad news is...i think someone is dumping pet rats out here somewhere..i have seen 2 beige ones the past few weeks and tonight when i was out checking on czar...i saw a brown and white pinto rat...i don't think wild rats come in those colors.
freaking idiot rats live as companions with humans, wild rats are killed by humans because they breed non stop and take over the world.


Carol, I can do the house and the mp building so dont worry about doing it tomorrow.