Rescue Journal

ask and ye shall find...

Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2010

so i did have a bad dream i was glad to wake up from...but it was the wrong dream.

for some reason i popped perdy into the front loader of a giant stainless steel washer machine for just a quick rinse off (it seemed like a reasonably good idea in the dream)...and then there was suddenly a ton of people here that i did not know, all wanting something and i totally forgot i put her in there for a just quick rinse.

dreams aren't real right?

this small little boy needed a place to sleep so i gave him a bed and then he accidently pooped his pants. i didn't remember perdy til i went to run him a giant bath in front of the giant washing machine and i saw her drowning thru the glass door. i freaked out..pulled her out and put her on the floor but it was too late and i could see she was dying and then i woke up.

gee... thx so much for that.

i guess there all kinds of bad dreams, real and not that we want to wake up from.

perdy is fine this morning but i did forget to switch my work clothes from the washer to the dryer..that sucks.

and life with a bad memory and shitty dreams apparently continues.


Louise Z.

I love analyzing dreams, and yours is a classic.
First, both the black & white colors (of Perdy's coat) symbolize death. They also represent mourning. The fact you put her (Perdy) in a washing machine indicates a problem from the past (Tyra's death) that you are trying to resolve in your mind. The other significance of black and white is your struggle with the reality of her death. Water symbolizes the need to "come clean", to wash away something negative....The presence of a child I found quite interesting. Children are suggestive of a longing for the past....The poop again signifies something negative you are trying to deal with. Dogs, by the way, typically represent loyalty. A Dying dog represents the death of a good friend......


Oh, what a beautiful Dal!!!!! I had one for 11 years and they are pretty darn resilient. Maybe have another dream tonight where Perdy isn't dying but pops back to life.

I wish you sweet dreams tonight.