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see! moderndog says i might be a saint....

Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2010

i am not a saint...but i am a bitch tonight....why...because i just feel bitchy for some reason (not to the animals..i like them ok right now)

don't use the s-word around this one ... she MIGHT bite your head off

that whole saint thing is such a freaking problem...and do you know why...


....because if i can be a saint because of animal rescue then it stands to reason that some not so bright others will want to be a rescue saint too.

but...good luck with that cuz if i have been at it for all of these years with all of these hundreds of animals crashing thru, and if i still can't find sainthood with all of that behind exactly is some innocent newbie gonna find it and pretty quick too.

every once in a while one or two try to slide in here who think they want to be me...are you kidding me? they actually think it is that easy, like they can just put on my shoes for a few hours a week and suddenly they are the great rescue saint (i am sticking my finger down this irreverent throat and gagging now).....there is no sainthood in is just day after day, poop after pee, year after year, guilt upon guilt endless hard work.

how many of our current staff and volunteers know every single animal, with all of their medical or behavioral issues up here (except maybe not the new bunnies and chickens yet because there are so many and they are all brand new)

(sorry i cannot do question marks at the end of questions because for some reason tonight, they look like this...ÉÉÉÉÉÉÉ huhÉÉÉÉÉ)

anyway...renee might be pretty close but she might not know all of the medical stuff on everyone...but maybe she does. if she does..i bet she is the only one and that is because she has actually worked at some point or another in every single area, 5 days a week for more than 3 years.

and renee is not a saint yet either (but she is very smart and kind)

but who of the wanna be saints wants to invest that kind of time and effort for year after year to even realistically try, knowing you are not ever gonna get there because it is an impossibility..rescue is done by flawed human beings that is why it is NOT easy.

it is way easier and way more satisfying to kick off the shoes and lay on the couch in the evenings of a very quiet and tidy home and fantasize. i fantasize too..... about winning the lottery and paying a full company of dedicated and reality educated rescue staff but i do that because of simple laziness and greed not for want of a halo or wings.

anyway...even if i wanted to be a the animals would ever let me. a saint would have PERFECT animals...and i have kodi and phoebe.

from now one is ever allowed to post a link that says anything about sainthood in this rescue (jenn!!)

i try to keep the over the edge crazies out..the misconception of a possible sainthood available here does not really help.

i should have named us.......HAGS...(homeless animals gagging society)...hah! try to give someone a halo with THAT warm and fuzzy...(not)! many mistakes have i actually made..we will add one more for choosing that name.

(oh colleen b...have you by any chance gotten to spend some quality time with lola...i just noticed (as she is yelling at me to go to bed now) that she looks like a dark and shiny black frog with big pointy ears and and a sharp pointy the wicked witch of the west in the wizard of oz....kind of creepily homely but still sort of cute.!)

Lola of the WEST



Hey grumpy! You cannot change what is already written about you ... plus it is in electronic form. HA so get over it ... you called your rescue "SAINTS" ... therefore people are gonna be drawn into calling YOU a saint. Oh well that is life suck it up butter cup (as you like to say) and RE the "wannabies" or "saint-seekers" they have existed since before you are born and they will exist long after you andf SAINTS are gone.

PS Miss General Walking Boss you are not the boss of ME! This is part of the PR you need to do so that people will fund your little "slice of heaven" ... so try and be nice!

love you though

Marie Bellemare

Hey Carol, I like your post (o; I live with 2 seniors, one pretty healthy, the other one getting better after 2 months of continuous care and a 5 year old baby that I call my dog zootherapy dog. I never stop, between my job and caring for the dogs (cooking for them, cleaning after them, going to the vet, giving meds, etc) that doesn't compare at all but it takes all my time and energy. SO, for someone like me, your daily life is "inimaginable" I feel inspired by you... I don't call you a s... but I sure feel everyday that I want to get a better human being, a better caregiver, I look for more courage within me when I feel tired, I tell myself to be more tolerant towards the unexpected (I Know you are surrounded with the unexpected continuously) or when I need to get up during the night cause my old Tashunka is awake and seems to have to go out for business (I'M so lucky this dog who spent his life secluded in a small shed living in his (and other old dogs) shit never going outside to the point he had no muscle tone lets me know when he needs to go...) when I think of people like you (there is few), I tell myself, Marie, your life is a breeze, considering my health situation I do my best, but people like you Carol are a true inspiration and it doesn't only help the animals, it inspires people like me, you are part of my daily life you know, and that's why one sometimes uses words like s..., because it represents an ultimate, it represents something that not many people can or are willing to do, it's like beyond what one can imagine being able to accomplish in their lives... you are a female human being with a big heart, you have strength and weakenesses, you don't think of yourself first, you have so many challenges, you keep being you and face whatever is there, you find solutions, you share your life with us in the blog, you make a difference in the life of so many 4, 3, 2 and 1 leggeds, this is why I guess people are using what they feel is the greatest word to describe you, but of course, you are Carol, a simple human doing her best to make the world better for the totally unwanted animals who cross your path (no matter what!) ... Actually it's probably this (no matter what) that makes you so different, so special... so inspiring... from my heart to yours - thank you lady

Mauro Salles

ModernDog just SUSPECTS that you are the real "one" ... I mean "that thing". There are doubts about it.


You could be R.A.N.T.S ( the reject animals nobody takes society). That definitely doesn't sound saintly.

Colleen B

Oh no, no, no...don't you start with this homely dog business again. I obviously can't think for myself and am starting to looooooove Merry Mushroom dog. I should start HAGS - Homely and Gross Society. Larry would be the poster boy.

Colleen Donnelly

Jess is pretty damn sure that Renee is a saint. :)