Animal Updates

while i am waiting to see what annabelle is up to...( i hope for ang's sake it is not a false start..i had a couple of is so disappointing for mom.)

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2010

renee and colleen b found bugs in one of the food bins...yuck. renee cleaned it out so that was good...but then jenn found the source..the cookie bin was gross with the buggers so i tossed out ALL of the bins of food and broke them all down and washed them all out.

double gross-a-roodle!

jenny went home with nicole today..i almost changed my mind. jenny has done so well here physically and emotionally (her weight is going up, her head tremors have stopped, her end stage liver disease seems to be in some kind of remission) and i did not want to upset her apple cart. nicole said she would bring her immediately back again if the move seems to stress her out at all.

Jenny loves Nicole but will miss her fellow American buddy Larry
jennylarry and jenny

sammy the little piss ant is bugging the cats...apparently today she jumped poor pat and was trying to gum him to death...thank goodness she doesn't have a single tooth in her head and only weighs a whopping 5 pounds. i would like to see her try that shit with scrappy..he would teach her about how tiny she is and how not to bother bigger and stronger cats WITH teeth and claws. (sadly pat also is totally toothless so he could not teach her a thing.)

What is the problem ... Pat the Cat had the advantage with his claws ....

ok...the mp building is done for the night, and the bins are drying for refilling tomorrow and i am might be a long night before annabelle finally appears.


Colleen B

whoops...sorry, renee...I totally meant to help you clean that out!