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sigh...still no baby....

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2010

shadow had a bad night. her inability to settle and her clueless cocker tendency to walk over top of other dogs really pissed everyone else off.

shadow was not in the mood to listen to everyone getting pissy with her when she wanted to soon as they got irritable..she turned and disciplined them. all of those dogs know not to get into an argument with her when she is in a bad mood...caspar forgot and suddenly i felt him fly over top of my hip and land on the floor in his frantic attempt to get away from an even more really pissed off dog.

I did no such thing ... ple-ease ... as if!

i finally pulled her into my side and told her to knock it off...if she insisted on wandering over top of everyone, they did have a right to complain.

she has always been a bit trigger happy...more than willing to live and let live unless someone gets angry right in her face...then she jumps them and makes them shut the hell up....and quickly.

don't mess with shadow, just let her do her own thing and she will then be happy and is easier that way.

i was not sure who to feel more sorry for last night...shadow who obviously could not settle for some real reason..or the other guys who after a few foolish complaints decided it was best to just get stepped on over and over again.

daphne is the smartest one...she just dug in deep under the covers and as close to me as she possibly could because i am big enough for shadow to have to hop right over instead of walking over top of....

I have beauty AND brains!!!!

.....which meant daphne got to soundly sleep unlike the rest of the bed buddy land mines that shadow couldn't (or wouldn't) try to see.

i hope the vet can see her today...not sure what the heck is up with her but she does need her sleep (as do the rest.)

she is sound asleep now but since i am already up and awake, the bed buddies think they have to keep a close eye on me....too bad i have a busy day ahead or i would go back to bed for an hour or so and they could sleep in a bit more too.

perdy is totally messed up by the temporary loss of the food means i do not have any cookies in the house and she knows she is supposed to get a couple of cookies every time i let her in and out...she has not had a single cookie since 6 pm last night and is bewildered by this...sorry babe, i forgot to bring in a stash from the shop to get us thru the night.

amos has already loudly said good morning at least twice today...geeze amos the saints rule is to not bug the neighbors so no donkey air-horning between 8pm and 8am. he is going to get me in trouble with that horrid noise he makes.

does anyone know how you can get a donkey NOT to bray? the dogs know the....."hey! cut it out and stop barking!!".. but when i tell a certain donkey to stop....he brays even more. (oh hey and yay!!!...someone heard me call!)

Hey I am here!!! I am annoucing my presence

ok then...breakfast, diabetics, feeding, meds, house, mp building, vet run...and then maybe soon??? a little granddaughter newly born into this world????

poor ang and eric...long labours totally suck.



Donkeys are very social and are noisy when they are lonely - a donkey friend would likely help with the noise... you probably didn't want to heat that!
PS the auctions have lots of donkey friends!

Colleen Donnelly

Amos....he is one of my comic reliefs during the day. I LOVE him braying!! He puts a smile on my face every time. :)

Hahahahahaha!!!! Just when I finished typing that I heard him out there spreading his message across the valley. Funny stuff!