Rescue Journal

i can pick up yoshi from the vets at 4:15

Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2010

he is still pretty groggy so i will keep him in the house in poppy's playpen for the next couple of days. he is lucky we saved that eye the first time around...this time we didn't even try.

it was becoming a chronic problem and he is just too difficult to try to medicate and care for the eye that he has no vision in anyway.

i will pull doris over here too for the next few days so she doesn't feel alone...not sure how she will feel about it but i will feel better having her over here so for a couple of days anyway she will have to deal with it to keep me sane.

we tried to mix floyd and quiet together again....that went over like a lead balloon..looks like we need to create a new duck area because quiet is not happy with the classy chicks wandering around him...oh yay.

i will ask steve next week because we still have to divide off one of the bunny pens yet too...everyone goes in for their spay and neuters next week so it won't be long before the boys can come out of cages...that will help cut back on some of the work.

i can't believe how fragile i am lately. angelina came up and volunteered today and as soon as i saw her i felt the tears coming again. there has not been a single day in the past couple of weeks without the drippy eye shit.

bailey slipped out the gate to the backyard when i was going thru...i was not paying attention. chewie was in the back yard on a collar and leash so thankfully colleen was able to grab bailey before bailey grabbed chewie. having dogs like bailey here adds another ton of stress too.

a couple of seconds of inattention and a disaster could have occured. people don't have a clue how utterly stressful it is to run a large rescue.

it would be way easier if i was just out to lunch at la dee da.... rescue is so freaking warm and fuzzy and easy peasey as pie.

i may be out to lunch lately but it isn't anywhere that nice.

i am back to work tomorrow so will pop over to the hospital (my office is on the same site) and visit with ang and eric and annabelle for a little bit..that should cheer me up.


Marie Bellemare

"a couple of seconds of inattention and a disaster could have occured. people dont have a clue how utterly stressful it is to run a large rescue." this is so right, I said it a couple of days ago in my comment, it's inimaginable... it's beyond what I can imagine, not many people can do this and even less people can do it with so much love, courage and dedication like you do carol, (no matter what !) besides being everything that it is, SAINTS is a true source of inspiration for everyone (me first) to be a better human on this earth mother... it gives me a big smile to think you'll see your son, ang and little annabelle tomorrow...