Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2010

tula stole an entire cookie and then got her head stuck 3/4's of the way down inside my glass of chocolate milk..that freaking cat's diet is as bad as mine is.

update at 11:45

oh and apparently she also likes very thin garlic and cheddar cheese crackers just before midnight...this cat is really just like my hungry twin sister!

i have never had a twin before..i guess it is sort of cool....except she keeps stealing my favorite foods.



LOL!! Carol, my cat Cobweb is exactly the same. Twin Eater. He likes everything I do (very uncatlike stuff): bread, crackers, pasta...anything full of carbs!!


Little rotter! :)

If you need someone to come and help catch you up on laundry give me an email. I am way out in Chilliwack but would be happy to come once a week to fold and fluff and pat animals. I am wide open, name your week day.