Rescue Journal

it has been one of those days that just never seems to end....

Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2010

i have picked up and put away three full van loads of food up here (barn and everyone else too). so at least everyone has food for the next week. ann and i saw kodi off gently and safely for his end of this life journey. ryan had his trial shift with renee in the house and mp building and seemed to like it here alot so he is coming back for round two tomorrow to work with mo in the barn. i cleaned up and organized the barn feed room...i put a shelf in there so the top of the freezers could be clear.

note to mo for feeding in the morning..gideons cool crunchies (2 small white scoops soaked well in water and mixed with his regular don't forget his extra feeding at noon)....are in the tub on the bottom shelf and so is the mini pig food...they are both marked "gideons cool crunchies" and "mini pig food"...feel free to call me if you need to.

i got to chewies shower late and then had to pull about four loads of clean laundry over to the house from the shop tonight for folding. there is still a full tub of laundry to wash over there..i have put thru the last load i am doing in the shop tonight but could not get all of it done.

i still have a few loads to do at the house plus at least one load of my personal laundry to last me this next set of work days.

if anyone has any burning desire to take some laundry home this weekend...please take it first from the shop. it is too hard for me to get over there in the evenings because leaving the house gets all of the dogs over here upset and noisy when i really want them to settle and sleep.

laura and lana and i just sent poppy out on a trial tonight...the dogs are pretty wound up still...late evening visitors are just too exciting for them and it takes quite a while for them to settle down.

i am so freaking hungry but it is too late for dinner now and i did sadly miss lunch..thank god for maggie's peanut butter cookies..they will keep my going til the house laundry is done....and then there is micky D's on the way into work in the morning....any drive thru is a rescuers dream.

ok well, tonight doesn't end til the last load hits the machine and i get to go to bed....sooooo..i better start flipping and folding, such fun on a friday night.

i do need to write out our summer water conservation strategies but am too tired to do it if everyone could tomorrow be super careful not to waste a drop cuz i haven't got the barn tanks hoses and pump set up yet but i promise to do it tomorrow and write out the ways we can conserve water over the coming dry months.

oh...and a heads up to everyone...endora continues to grow weaker..she is nearing the end of her life. please ensure she doesn't have to move off the table in the laundry room, looking for canned food or water..i will call the vets and book her euthanization in the next couple of days...she is still eating and comfortable but she is falling off the counters if she starts walking around...she has a bed and litter box up there with her too.



he was fine with it...not to worry about him for his showers anymore tho..i am just going to do him myself..easier that way rather than trying to figure out if he got done or not if no one is around to ask.

Colleen Donnelly

Note to Mo...I have been giving him a smidge more than half his normal meal for lunch. He's got a casserole dish of apple sauce and bananas on the freezer in the feed room. That is enough to be divided between breakfast, lunch and dinner for tomorrow.

Carol...I gave Chewie a bath after feeding this a.m. I bet he was pissy about the second one!