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Happy Fifty thousand .....

Jenn  ·  Jul. 10, 2010

I wish it was $50,000 ... but it is Fifty Thousand unique IP hits on this blog. Congratulations Carol!!!

In honor of this great number I would like to repost the CBC 8min documentary. I have probably watched it a hundred times but each time I watch it I feel so proud of my mom. I love you mom. I agree you are no saint but when it comes to the ones you love and care for, whether your nursing patients, your children (granddaughter too), and your animals ... you are MARVELOUS in our eyes!


You are right REAL rescue is 99% political BS, outrageously expensive (especially senior/special needs rescue), dirty (poop, pee, puss ...), exhausting, sad ... etc.

But in honor of 50k hits let us just celebrate what good SAINTS has accomplished in a few short years and the over 450 animals you have loved and given your home to ....

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**In honor of the 50K unique blog hits (and 1,250,000 overall hits) on this blog I would like to invite readers to nominate their all-time favorite posts over the years and I will put them in their own blog category (right-hand side) called "reader's favorite posts" .... just nominate in the comments section please.



I know it's weird but this post about Spritely was my favourite:

It was short and sweet - one of those many times that we all thought Spritely was done for but she rallied one more time. I remember reading that post and feeling like the sun split the long hovering clouds wide open. Rescue is often sad and tedious and soul-crushing but this post reminded us all of the few precious moments when life is just grand.

Also, Carol's long ago post about Wee Hopeful Bug was definitely one of my favourites as well. Aw geez, Carol, I just love so many of your posts - maybe I'll compile my own "Carol's Wisdom" book to carry with me on my travels.

Marie Bellemare

That would be great Jenn, cause we don't forget them and they are the stars shining above SAINTS, they are the wind moving the charms, and they were teachers of courage, faith and hope - might be a lot of work for you but to gather those stories in one category would be wonderful !!!


I read in one of the way-back posts that the chime hanging in the center above the gate is wee hopeful's. there would appear to have been three others above the gate at the time this was shot. could you tell me who's they are?


I see a theme here and I think Marie and Mauro hit it on the nail ... the most favorite posts are the animal stories. Therefore I think I will create a new category called "animal stories"

Marie Bellemare

Like Mauro said, there are so many, I can't choose between Oka and Cole's story really, and I had gooze bumps watching this video again, so many are not there physically anymore, so many of them that are in the video, it was nice to see them again with their happy faces... thank you so much for posting it again... and yes, MARVELOUS is a word for Carol and SAINTS and Jenn, as I said it before, you too are "one of a kind" thank you for the beautiful pictures and comments, and what your wrote above is beautiful and touching... I love you guys...


Congrats....and thanx for reposting the interview....that was great.....And Yes...your crazy Carol....but I'm proud to know you and the work you do up there.... :) :) ;)


So nice to see the happy faces of friends who have gone ...

Thanks for posting it again.

Mauro Salles

There are so many ... This is just one of them:
"ahhhcoppers story" (and comments) - March 11, 2010